Everyone Should Keep A List…(#6)

Of all the little things they love!

  1. A freshly tidied house!
  2. Rich & cheerful Autumn Leaves.
  3. Spooooky skeletons!
  4. Peaceful sleeping dogs.
  5. Funny animal videos.
  6. A good visit with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile.
  7. A big mug of hot and tasty tea.
  8. Elderberry syrup.
  9. Sneak cat attacks.
  10. My monthly Universal Yums box.
  11. A big bowl of homemade Butter Paneer.
  12. Gigantic hoodies.
  13. Gigantic socks.
  14. The anticipation of the first big snow storm.
  15. All the flowers that are still hanging in there, this late in the season.
  16. The spiders as they start to make their way indoors.
  17. The smell of dirt and outside that the Hubs brings in with him when he comes home from work.
  18. A good hair and face day. (Ha!)
  19. Freshly slicked up skin.
  20. Getting lost in the strange vortex that is YouTube.

How about you? Won’t you play along too? On your blog or in the comments. What are some of the little things you’re loving lately?!

Monday Ramble, Mermaids, Spiders & Rad Snails.

I love me some Monday! Especially after a great weekend.

I’ve lived in Edmonton for 9 years and not once have I been to Terwilliger Park. I know right?

We went yesterday and had a time. Terwilliger Park is a multi use park with an off leash dog area and there are trails and dogs EVERYWHERE. If you don’t like dogs, don’t go to this park. For me, a dog lover extradorinare, I was in HEAVEN.

There is none of this “Oh no Fido, don’t jump up” nonsense. One minute you’re strolling down the trail and the next a very young and exicted Golden Retriever puppy is barreling into you with LOVE. I also met some sort of Poodle cross who ran straight at me for a very muddy hug/ taste and countless other less exuberant hounds, of all variety. A dog lover’s dream, come true!

There a ton of good trails to explore too, some wide and flat, some narrow and twisty. We did a lot of exploring and as usual I ended up barefoot at one point because my Birkenstocks are not so great in the mud. There are wide open fields and cozy little nooks. There spots to get down to the river- which was moving fast. Be careful!-and there is a bridge that takes you into the rest of the river valley, which we’ll be exploring soon. This is a great park and I cant wait to go back!

Check out my Instagram for flower pics!

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I don’t know who owns this image-not me- but it’s awesome! Isn’t it cute?? A wee wizard! I had a tarantula growing up. They are interesting creatures. Not scary most of the time…until they get out and then that’s another story! Can those things move!! I shiver still, at the memory…

I hope you had a great weekend! Get up to anything fun? Tell me all about it!

U is for *Underpants. A-Z Challenge.

Yeah, that’s right. I said it!


Sometimes I pass easily as an adult. I can keep it together just enough so the grown ups have no idea what lurks within my brain.

But say the word UNDERPANTS just one time … and I’m done for.

At best, I’ll smirk. Worse? I’ll outright guffaw and say it a few times, giggling like a maniac.

It’s a funny word!


Underpants. Underpants. Underpants!

What words make you giggle?

H is for * Handsome. A-Z Challenge.

As in the Handsomest Prince!

This is Cornelius.

He is the Original Handsomest Prince. He’s 14 years old, HUGE and he’s also a bit of a dick. As all cats are. No surprise there. He’s afraid of ALL THE THINGS except my grandchildren which is most strange but much appreciated and respected. He still plays like a kitten and can be found yowling every morning at 4am and sleeping all day on my bed upon which he leaves a layer of orange fur that makes me sneeze. Yes I could close my bedroom door but then he wouldn’t be able to lay in the sun and then what kind of cat mum would I be?!

This is Mooshum. The second Handsomest Prince.

He too is 14 years old, acts like a puppy and is exceptional with the grandkids. He’s also very naughty and does a bad thing every day but he’s endlessly amusing and has the biggest, sweetest heart so I don’t mind!

We’ve had Corny since he was a kitten. He was the runt of the litter and now he’s 24 lbs! Solid muscle that cat. He’s my second long lived cat and I hope we get a few more good years out of him. He shows no signs of aging!

We’ve had Mooshy for 4 years, adopting him as a senior dog from SCARS. He was a community dog who someone loved very, very much. It shows in his behavior and in the way he was given up. ( The other dogs were beating him up and his owners were afraid he was going to be killed, so he was taken in by a rescue group doing spays and neuters for a second chance at life. Don’t feel too sad for him. He’s a bit of a dick in that his mouth writes cheques his ass can’t cash! ) He transitioned from being free range to being a house dog in no time and it’s an honor to be his last home. Mooshum is definitely old in body but not in spirit. I hope he lives forever but since I cant have that, I hope he lives well until the end, then dies quick, in his sleep.

Do you have a Handsome Prince in your life? Do tell!

Rambles, Cats, Billy Idol & WTF?

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

Happy Monday!

I’m feeling a little squeamish this morn. We had a busy weekend full of grandkids and other humans. Oh and draaaaaama! We had some drama.

So that’s always draining. I feel some ick but that’s OK because I know it will fade AND because I handled it all really well. High Five @ Me! I might just be growing up!

( I’m probably never going to grow up)

It’s totally a trap!

This next one has me laughing like a loon…


Teehee. Can confirm.

Do you have any plans for today? Oh! Work. I hear work is a thing! Ive been off for so long I forget that the rest of the world doesn’t just laze about all day. ( I don’t actually laze about all day but I do struggle with feeling unproductive because I’m not at a j.o.b. )

Love & Squishy Hugs!

Happy Monday!

Do you need some motivation to get active? I’ve got your motivation right here :

Number 1, 4 and 5 are my personal favourites, ha ha.

Seriously. Don’t be mean to my cat. Or any cat.

Teehee. He wants to be a web designer. I laughed like a lunatic over this one because I am a dork.

I hope your week involves something fun, something peaceful and something rewarding.

Love & Squishy Hugs!

Monday Ramble-Hexes, Eating, Cats.

Happy Monday! I just adore Mondays. A new day, a fresh start, alone time after being with the Hubs all weekend. Mondays are the day we step into the unknown again. I love that.

On a blog I follow I read about a journal jar. This is a jar into which you place a weekly summary, written on an index card, of your week. How cool is that?! I usually forget my life past June by the time a new year comes around, so I’m thinking I’ll do this! I keep a journal but its filled with feeeeelings and emoootions, not the day to day stuff. The day to day stuff is important too. That’s where life really happens!

These are the things making me laugh these days:

Ha Ha Ha! This cartoon makes me think about my son in law. He’s been teasing me about my natural Yule decorations so I’ve been giving him the gears. I’ve told him I’m a WITCH and I’ve put a HEX on him. Nothing major, just a series of small minor inconveniences would befall him until I took it off. We all laughed and it was silly and fun. I teased him again on his birthday and told him I’d take the hex off, as my gift to him. More laughs, more silliness. Until the other day when I “threatened” him with another hex and he freaked out and begged me not to. It seems he really did have a series of minor inconveniences and he seriously, truly, actually, believed it was my pretend hex that did it. I told him that stuff doesn’t ACTUALLY work but he insisted and now I HAVE THE POWER! Muhaahaahaa! Silly boy.

Are you sick of diet culture yet? It’s been nothing but endless talk about weight loss , “keto diet ” and “clean eating” in my world. Ugh! I had chocolate banana bread for breakfast this morning and I feel fine.

As someone who’s 1. human 2. imperfect. 3. not very mindful 4. sometimes has the dumb, I really appreciate this sentiment! I just have bad luck when I think. That works for me!

I’ve noticed life and interacting with the humans is becoming increasingly difficult since quitting my job. All those weird little quirks I’ve kept tucked away are making an appearance again. It’s like my brain doesn’t switch from private Lael to public Lael, fast enough. Like its forgotten how! It makes for some funny interactions! Maybe I should get out more, keep my humaning skills sharp, ha.

How are your people skills? Do you need human interaction to keep them sharp or are you naturally gifted?

May your week bring you nothing but joy!

Love and squishy hugs.