A-Z Challenge – Reflections.

The A-Z Challenge felt really low key for me this year.

It was my second year with this blog so I think that played a role. Less first time jitters, less “have a thing or two to prove” mindset 🙂 NOt only that…we’re in the middle of a pandemic! There is a certain fog that comes with that too.

Instead of making a point to visit participating blogs starting April 1, this year I visited blogs as they signed up on the main list, a little bit at a time in the month beforehand! Last year, visiting the blogs and commenting on every single one grew to be most stressful. This year was much more relaxed and enjoyable.

I did follow Blogger blogs but rarely went to visit. I feel bad about that but as a person with a lot going on, the incompatibility of the two blog platforms grew to be too great a hinderance . If it wasn’t right in front of my face, it got lost in the swirl of all the other things I had going on.

I ended up visiting all blogs on the list, up to April 1, and at my last count that number was a whopping 430 blogs! Wow. There were over 500 blogs to join by the end of sign up. Out of those 430 blogs I followed 18 new blogs that interested me. As other people visited me, I popped in to visit them and followed a few more too. I also stopped following a few blogs as time went on. Last year, I found it so cringey to go to a blog and comment for the sake of commenting. SO I made sure the blogs I followed met my personal criteria so that I’d be better able to interact in an authentic manner. I’m not a good faker 🙂

My intention going into this challenge was to go easy on myself and be genuine. I wrote my posts ahead of time so I could really focus on my comments and the blogs I followed. I was kind to myself if I couldnt think of something to say or if I just didn’t feel like reading anything that day too.

My theme was ” I don’t know” and that was fun to write. I really enjoy the thrill of the unknown and of course I LOVE learning new things. Even if that new thing is simply- I still don’t know. My theme allowed me to write about a variety of subjects, which is totally my jam too!

The people I met were lovely and kind and fun to engage with too. I found a lot of smart,funny,creative and interesting new blogs to read and the experience was overwhelmingly positive. Something that was especially appreciated during these weird times we find ourselves in.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for being your authentic self and thank you for seeing me, too.

Love and Squishy Hugs!

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