Friday Ramble – Bees, Spit & Gardening.

I know right?! A ramble on a Friday? What is this world coming to?

How are things? How was your week? Your health?

I’ve bought a cow! Well, half of one. (Is cow the right word? Isn’t cow a female animal and bull the male and steer the neutered and heifer a young one of either sex? I ought to look that up!)

ANYway! We’ve bought a share in an animal that is being raised for meat for us and another person. This is going to be ALOT of meat for two people so everyone in my family is getting beef for Christmas this year, ha ha.

Our animal will be killed on the farm which too, which pleases me for many reasons and I’m supporting a local business in the process, which please me too.

I told Hubs to tell the farmer to kiss my cow on the head but he says he’s not doing that -rude!- so I’m doing it every night in my head. I think it’s important for people who eat meat- ANIMALS- to fully realize what that entails and this brings me one step closer to that.

My friend Chels is a total bad ass who raises her own animals AND kills them AND butchers them, all by herself. Maybe one day I’ll be as brave as her. For now, this will have to do.

Oh! Guess what else?! I’m going to YALE!

Have you heard of Coursera? It’s a learning platform that offers free and paid courses to the masses. It’s a pretty cool place for us nerds to learn all kinds of stuff. This year, they’re offering Yale’s very popular course on The Science of Well Being and I’m taking it. It’s SO good! I was tickled to find I’m already doing a lot of these things ( I am an old lady after all) but I’m learning so much new stuff too. The professor-Dr. Laurie Santos- is totally relatable. I’m linking HERE to a really good article about the whole thing and there’s a link to the course in the piece too. Go check it out. It’s totally worth it.

Tee hee

Have you seen any “Murder Hornets”? I hear, they are mostly hype BUT I’ll be on the lookout just in case. I love my buzzers. My Bumbles, buzz me in the yard like wee affectionate pets. They’ve got a nest in under my lilacs and I so enjoy their company. I feel so bad for them, all I’ve got flowering are dandelions. Going to have to change that! Can any of you suggest some early flowering plants for bees?

Pro tip: Don’t try this on your husband. They do NOT APPRECIATE the effort.

I am loving this weather. Rain, sun. Sun, rain! My garden is too. I’m picking big huge bouquets of asparagus every second day. Sometimes every day and sometimes…TWICE a day! I cant keep up with it all. WHat a great problem to have!

Yep! ^ That’s me. I went to Kuhlmann’s on the weekend – they are doing awesome with the COVID-19 measures ! Home Depot was a Covid 19 infection waiting to happen by comparison. Be warned- and spent most of my saved allowance on plants and garden stuff. I bought a big bag of dirt, a row cover and the rest was plants. I went in armed with a short list, and a conservative mindset. Ha ha ha, that all went to hell when I saw ALL THE THINGS.

I’m trying eggplant and celeriac this year. I fucked up and grabbed cauliflower instead of kohlrabi ( shakes fist at self! ) . I’ve got some Thai chilis, two kinds of cabbage, brussel sprouts, zucchini, patty pan squash, a Yellow Boy tomato ( bringing my tomato plant collection up to TEN ) Oh! Some seed potatoes- Banana fingerling and Russian Blue ). I think that’s it. The Hubs grabbed a Ghost chili plant and a Scotch Bonnet one too. Oh, we also picked up some cute flowers for our front porch. More on those when I get them planted. They are really unique.

Speaking of gardening: You are reading words typed by a person who picks up WORMS with a gloved hand. I did it! I felt so proud of myself ❤ It was on a gravel pathway, not happy about the situation and obviously suffering so I just steeled myself and picked it up, placing it back into the dirt.

It wasn’t nearly as awful as I thought it’d be. Funny that!

You should see me now. I was digging up a spot for potatoes and I spotted an absolute monster of a worm. It was dark burgundy, almost black. I was >thisclose< to picking it up to show the husband. This is going to sound strange coming from me but: It was a beautiful worm. 🙂

OK!. I’ve got a garden to tend to. I’d better get at her.

I hope you have THE BEST weekend.

Do you have any fun plans?

Monday Ramble in May.

Hello! Happy Monday! – Or Big Weekend as its known these days for those of us not working. Happy May! And Happy Rain Day.

It’s been raining all night and once it stops and the sun works its magic, everything is going to be GREEN GREEN GREEN again! Woot Woot!

The sun is my main squeeze. But, my side squeeze is pretty damn awesome too!

I bring you an example of True Love:

The Hubs came back to the house after he left for work and tapped on the window, beckoning me to come outside. He had something to tell me.

“Don’t go outside today.”


“There are worms EVERYWHERE!”

He then went on to count the ones on the sidewalk in front of our house. There were over TWENTY worms on the eight square of concrete and more than that on the road. *shudder.

Yep. Definitely NOT going outside today. Gross. Thanks Honey. ❤ What a guy.

I feel so low key today. The rain is making me feel cosy and sleepy. Today is a perfect day for reading books, reading blogs and watching movies ❤

I may also have an A-Z hangover. I love doing the challenge but I also love when its over. I feel like I get my blog back. That seems silly because it’s always been MY blog but its extra work and energy, outside of my normal output. The challenge takes over it all. For an introvert like me, it takes me a bit to fill the reserves back up! Despite the worms, I’m grateful for today. I’ll be less inclined to do stuff 🙂

So, do I prefer the wormpocalypse or the Sun, 2020?

HA HA HA! Yeah…I’m still going with the sun.

Always the sun. 🙂

( My version of Sun 2020, mind you. My version is a privileged version for which I am SO grateful. Lots of people have shitty versions, that’s for damn sure. )

We’re starting to phase life back in, in my province and it’s a bit strange. I’ll be able to go to the dentist for a cleaning but not the library. That makes ZERO sense to me.

Can you tell I miss the library and was looking forward to missing the dentist 😉

Dr. Hinshaw says we can gather and meet friends too-up to 15-, so long as we’re well and practice social distancing. I’m not entirely sure about that either.

In theory it’s safe and lovely and all that. In practice, its so easy to forget! I helped a gent experiencing homelessness and I was definitely within 6 ft of him and a whole host of other folks. I chose humanity over safety and that was the right thing to do in that moment. I just know that choice will be even easier to fling off around friends and family. I guess, it’s like everything else; it takes practice.

Has this ever happened to you? It has to me! I love these little reminders to refocus my attention sometimes. A person doesn’t have to ignore what’s going on, just take a break from it when you stop seeing the good stuff too.

Do you have any big plans for the month ahead? I’m going for a distance walk with a friend on Saturday and have made it my mission to explore all sorts of cool new places this month. Oh! And get my bike out for more rides too! How about you?

Monday Ramble-Tigers, Friends, That Bloody Virus, Comfort & Hope.

Oh Monday! I like Mondays every week but this one is especially welcome for I’ve been trying to race away from Friday as fast as I can. I got the worst news- which I’m unable to even process never mind share- and each day that takes me away from Friday is a slightly better one indeed.

I’m also still a little stunned by something I spent hours binge watching on Netflix:

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. This was my face when the whole thing was done – 😳😧😳 – I want to say watch it but I also want to say don’t watch it. It was …. yeah. It was. An important note about one of the folks in the show. Saff was mis gendered as She. Saff goes by He. So please keep that in mind, if you do end up watching. It took my mind off my bad news but left me with a whole new sense of horror and the need for a long, hot shower.

I’ve got five library books left! Eeek! I don’t know how long our library will be closed so they are like precious jewels. Most books are anyway.

Ha Ha!
Don’t fall for this one!
Indeed! COOTIES!

I don’t know who this belongs t0 -if you do, please educate me- I find it oddly comforting:

I’m losing and finding all sorts of things these days…

Something else that brings me comfort is this: Every day as the chaos of the world rages on, the sun still rises. The birds still sing. The clouds still move across the sky. Someday soon the snow will EFF OFF, the trees will bud, the bees will buzz and all will be well once again.

What are you feeling hopeful about?

Monday Ramble and COVID 19.

COVID 19. Isn’t this a thing? People are acting like it’s end of days. Oh my, the panic. And it’s the panic that’s causing the problems at the moment. The risk in Alberta is still low. The province is taking aggressive measures to flatten the curve which is pretty smart, knowing what we know about these things!

Are you sick yet? So far so good on this end. I had the Grands last week and they didn’t give me the ick. Check out this link, if you’re in ALberta, are feeling ill and need more information.

My only concerns at this moment are the huge amounts of misinformation out there and mass panic. Otherwise, it’s all good in my neighbourhood at the moment.

How are toilet paper stocks in your world? ( Pro tip, install a bum gun and you won’t need TP!)

Ours were still ok at the store last week at but a person can’t find hand sanitizer anywhere. That’s OK. I have soap. Which is what a person should be using first ANYWAY. The hand sanitizer is only good 3 times and then you still need to wash your hands. Still, it’d be nice to have right at the front door or when one is out and about.

Not that I go anywhere, ha! To the library and the grocery store most weeks. That’s Winter for ya! I am a fair weather human 😉 My home range is small as it is anyway!

This is what the TP and bleach wipes sections looked like this week:

Fucking hoarders…I get that people are scared. These are scary times. This is a scary thing. But you only need enough stuff to last you TWO weeks. Not two years. People are getting into fights over toilet paper. There is even a separate line at Costco to deal with the crowds….I’m trying to be sympathetic to people because fear and panic are real things and they don’t feel good but come on.

Other things were starting to be cleaned out too. Things like rice, cans of beans, macaroni and cheese…I saw a dude with a cart full of milk! Yes, milk! His cart was overflowing with 4 litre jugs….ggrr. The guy in line behind him was giving him the gears about it -nicely- but still…I hope he felt embarrassed. Mums are even starting to worry about things like baby formula and medicine…not cool. Every single person at the check outs had some sort of cleaning product too, lol. I managed to grab a bottle of bleach. One, because I’m not an asshole and there was hardly anything left of THAT either.

Hubs says if things get REALLY bad the hoarders will be the first to go when people find them out anyhow, so there’s some small, spiteful comfort in that, ha!

How are you all doing? Has your health authority taken any preventative measures? How are you all feeling about this?

I find it all endlessly fascinating. We’re watching this thing unfold in real time and I feel like I’m in the middle of this huge social experiment.

There is still lots of good out there in the world too. Don’t forget about that. People are still singing in Italy.

Clean and sterile hugs and kisses to you. And remember:

Monday Ramble, Sniffing Butts & Eating Spiders.

Happy Monday! Happy March!

The days are really going to start flying now! I’m SO HAPPY to see March again. I don’t have anything super planned, expect for SPRING! And technically I have nothing to do with that, but it has everything to do with me!

I come ALIVE in Spring. ALIVE I tell you!

Expect things to get quirkier around here. 😉

This always gives me a good giggle:

Who ARE the people who make these things up? I’d love to meet their silly selves ❤

Remember that song?

I’ll pass, thanks! But I appreciate the thought, ha!

I’ll love you and leave you with a sweet one:

Have a SUPER Monday! ❤

Monday Ramble, I’m Really Not This Rude, Dogs & Friends.

Happy Monday! Happy February!

Just seven more weeks until Spring- Woot Woot!- Last year, I went out for the first time without a jacket on March 18…will I be that lucky this year? Who knows! But I’m ever hopeful and that hope is what keeps me smiling in these last months of Spring. Every Albertan knows this: the calendar may say its Spring but Mother Nature has her own agenda.

Ha Ha! Maybe don’t but this still made me laugh. Especially seeing as people have been raining on my various parades.

And as a companion piece:

How do you think you’d do in prison? I think I’d do OK. I mean it wouldn’t be my first choice and I do everything I can in the everyday to avoid it but…yeah, I’m pretty adaptable.

The thought of this makes me laugh. I don’t hang out with too many people who’d require such a card and I’d certainly never send one- so mean! – but sometimes…The people. They are trying.

And just so you don’t think I’m a total asshole :

Teehee! My Rotti X had feet like that ❤ I hope she’s somewhere nice enjoying life like this. I don’t believe in heaven for myself but you bet your butt I do for my pets 🙂

And speaking of friends:

Oh! Don’t you just love this? My heart ❤ ❤ ❤

I’m excited for another month. I’m excited for Valentine’s Day. I’m excited/sad for Carolyn’s birthday. I’m excited for Ov’s birthday. I’m excited for my very first alone time visit with Via. I’m excited for the high sun and melting snow. Here’s to a lovely February. May yours treat you kindly and may you find joy in unexpected places ❤

Monday Ramble, Friends Forever & More Nice Stuff.

Happy Monday!

Can you believe this is THE LAST WEEK OF NOVEMBER?

What?! This month flew by. It’s been mostly warm here in my wee corner of the world and the transition into Winter has been gentle and easy. It wont be long until we turn back toward the light on Solstice and then before you know it – Spring!

(Well, first we have to get through the January/February. Two months that seem like two years! But whatevs! Today I feel optimistic!)

Last week, my daughter’s mother in law, threw her a baby shower and wow oh wow!

The party was the first time I’d ever met my son in law’s mum but I’d heard lots about her and felt like I already knew (and loved her). I was not disappointed. She greeted me with the warmest hug and really is, a beautiful human. She LOVES my daughter. Madly, and I feel so grateful that my precious girl, has this amazing woman in her life. My baby is set for life with this one. If I were to die today, she’d be just fine because of the love and support of Angel.

That does this Mama’s heart good!

In other news, Carolyn’s death brought up lots of stuff, none of which is bad, surprisingly. I’ve got posts coming up about all of that. I’m feeling pretty good. I’m sad, of course but it’s that rare exquisite kind of sad that almost feels good. Mostly, I am filled with gratitude for all the things 🙂 ❤

And speaking of friends –


I think I’ve shared this before but it deserves another go. All our friends may die but we’ll always have face bugs!

Strangely, I don’t find this to be a comfort.

I do adore this one though!

Happy sigh

And this:

Anne has my heart.

I’ll love you and leave you with this:

Tee Hee!

Love & Squishy Hugs ❤

Monday Ramble, Time, Scary, Everybody Shhhh & Some Good Advice.


Happy Monday?

Happy Monday!

Hello Monday.

If you live in my part of the world -North America- you may be feeling tired this morning. Yesterday we set our clocks back -one hour- to Standard Time and that awful practice has a way of messing with ones body, big time!

It takes me about a week to start to feel closer to normal so today I am dragging my ass.

On top of that, I was woken up out of a dead sleep at 2am with intense uterine pain and had to get up and take Advil AND THEN, the melatonin I took at bedtime kicked in and gave me all sorts of strange dreams- wrestling a cobra while the owner sat by and watched it bite me and refused to help. Listening to ” hard jazz” in a seedy bar. Hanging out with an ex boyfriend and experiencing ex boyfriend behavior over and over and over again!- I woke up sluggish and weirded out, ugh.

But my coffee was ready for me and it was delicious. I chatted with my daughter first thing this AM and I’m anticipating some delicious homemade soup for lunch. Go me! 🙂

Did you have a good weekend?

I had Miss. Sassafras and we went for a short hike to feed chickadees:

And then we went to visit this little guy:

And I got to enjoy both my favourite littles at the same time.

This movie scared the hell out of me as a kid!

Ugh! This is a trick that would work on me, ha ha.

Speaking of tricks (and treats) we had a good Halloween. 22 kids came! That’s a new record! I was happy with the turn out. It was busy-ish for about 45 min and it all died off before 8pm. Now that’s my kind of fun, ha!

Luke seems like a smart guy. I wonder if we can convince the others? This is how I knew I was “older”. I cant tolerate noise anymore. It’s a real thing! I’m not just being crotchety, loud noises just set my teeth on edge and put a cold steel rod in my spine.

This doesn’t though:

This feels like a nice reminder ❤

It’s supposed to snow today so I’m off for my last (most likely) snow free walk of the season.It’s going to be a while before I’m comfortable walking in the snow because of my balance issue so I intend to make it a good one! What do you have planned today? Tell me all about it!

Monday Ramble, Trees, Existential Dread & Krampus Saves Halloween.

Happy Monday!

We had a family dinner yesterday -the third one in two weeks- and it was a hoot! Lots of laughs, silly dancing and singing, kids and dogs -well, DOG- racing around my teeny tiny house, and of course delicious food! I’m still enjoying the whipped cream my daughter in law brought over!

I take my coffee with whipped cream from now on, ha!

Have you tried Coconut Whipped Cream? It comes in a can like the regular ready whipped stuff and it’s DAMN GOOD!

I’ve got troubling news 😦

My old boy, Mooshum is starting to have major mobility problems. Now he’s always been hitchy. We think he was hit by a car when he was younger and the injury healed screwy because he most likely didn’t get veterinary care. (He’s from an under funded community originally and was a free range dog) Plus, he’s part Golden and Goldens are known for their hip dysplasia and such. So there’s that. He’s also 14 years old or so. So there’s that too! But the other day things really went down hill for him after our walk.

He lost the ability to rise up and when he did finally get his legs under him, his limp was pronounced. It was obvious he was struggling and in pain. Gah! We actually had to lift him up to standing a few times. I’ve massaged him and laid my hands on him and given him some emergency meds. It’s all helped and he seems stable for now. BUT I think the time has come to talk to the vet about maintenance pain meds for my boy.

Then after that…well, we’re one step closer to his death, me thinks. I wont let him suffer. He’s one tough MOFO, that’s for sure but there will come a day…and that day is coming soon. 😦

Grief is the price we pay for love.

If there ever was a dog who deserves to die in his sleep, its this boy. I don’t pray but every night I ask the Universe to take him from us gently in the night over anything else. It is my fondest wish at the moment ❤

Beautiful Boy.

That Douglas!

The big freeze is on its way. We’ve still got some leaves on our trees but soon they’ll be gone! Anything after Halloween is weather that means business, but the weather has been most lovely these past weeks! I hope it continues. I want to take my granddaughter to this trail I found this weekend. We were stalked by hungry chickadees who had no problem landing on our outstretched hands. Squee! I’m coming back with seeds -or else! Have you ever been bit by a chickadee? I have, ha ha it was hilarious but I’ve learned my lesson!

Get out of here Santa! And don’t come back until after Remembrance Day.

Ha! More like 8 years. Although I’m in the uphill climb now.

My personal circus and monkeys have calmed their shit. THANK YOU GODDESS! It’s still a challenge to live in this world but it’s a challenge for most people. So there’s that 😉 We’re all in this together right?!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I hope you breathtaking people have the most amazing week!

Love & Squishy Hugs!

Rambles, Cats, Billy Idol & WTF?

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

Happy Monday!

I’m feeling a little squeamish this morn. We had a busy weekend full of grandkids and other humans. Oh and draaaaaama! We had some drama.

So that’s always draining. I feel some ick but that’s OK because I know it will fade AND because I handled it all really well. High Five @ Me! I might just be growing up!

( I’m probably never going to grow up)

It’s totally a trap!

This next one has me laughing like a loon…


Teehee. Can confirm.

Do you have any plans for today? Oh! Work. I hear work is a thing! Ive been off for so long I forget that the rest of the world doesn’t just laze about all day. ( I don’t actually laze about all day but I do struggle with feeling unproductive because I’m not at a j.o.b. )

Love & Squishy Hugs!