Weird Life, Books, House & Home,

Ha ha ha! Same, whoever you are. Same!

Snicker. I haven’t been to Ikea in SOOOOO long. Maybe not for books though.

Right?! Right! You have to be very special to earn an invite into my sanctuary. How about you? Are you open to have people in your home of choosey like me?

I actually love Yoga but this made me laugh. Maybe if you did more yoga it wouldn’t hurt so much to bend down?

Heh! I feel this in my soul! You not would believe the looks I get when I go on rock hunting/stick picking adventures. And when I start talking to birds or cats? Ooooh that’s a whole other level of disbelief. Avert your eyes from my quirks and I’ll avert mine from you boring-ness, lol

Happy Monday and Squishy Hugs to you!

Dogs, Cat Speak, Situations & Time.

Ha! This is totally what it feels like if you are a dog lover. Meeting new dogs is the best! See also getting jumped on and licked too 🙂 Owners are always so apologetic but inside I’m thinking ” Yes! You’ve chosen me! I love you too!” I would pet every dog I saw if I didn’t think it would bug the crap out of people. I know myself, sometimes you just want to go for a walk and not chit chat with every person you come across!

I still remember one of the greatest days of my life. On a patio at Starbucks, squeeing over a Boxer puppy being walked on the sidewalk toward me. The puppy’s owner PICKS HIM UP AND PLOPS IT ON MY LAP! Seriously! What a gift. It’s be twenty years and I still remember the thrill of that moment. No words were exchanged just love. Sigh … what a day!

I’m delightfully unemployed at the moment but still looking for work because the household needs money to run … and I like to travel! It’s been six months of talking to my pets for 8 hours a day so I relate this one strongly. Meow!

Snicker. Speaking of not working. Oh. EM. GEE! Social skills get lost when you don’t have to practice them every day! I’m such a weirdo these days. Its hilarious. I have to actually remind myself to be mindful of acting ” normal” before I go anywhere! I’m grateful I don’t embarrass easily, heh.

I just adore this. A much better way to measure time. ❤

Monday Ramble-Hexes, Eating, Cats.

Happy Monday! I just adore Mondays. A new day, a fresh start, alone time after being with the Hubs all weekend. Mondays are the day we step into the unknown again. I love that.

On a blog I follow I read about a journal jar. This is a jar into which you place a weekly summary, written on an index card, of your week. How cool is that?! I usually forget my life past June by the time a new year comes around, so I’m thinking I’ll do this! I keep a journal but its filled with feeeeelings and emoootions, not the day to day stuff. The day to day stuff is important too. That’s where life really happens!

These are the things making me laugh these days:

Ha Ha Ha! This cartoon makes me think about my son in law. He’s been teasing me about my natural Yule decorations so I’ve been giving him the gears. I’ve told him I’m a WITCH and I’ve put a HEX on him. Nothing major, just a series of small minor inconveniences would befall him until I took it off. We all laughed and it was silly and fun. I teased him again on his birthday and told him I’d take the hex off, as my gift to him. More laughs, more silliness. Until the other day when I “threatened” him with another hex and he freaked out and begged me not to. It seems he really did have a series of minor inconveniences and he seriously, truly, actually, believed it was my pretend hex that did it. I told him that stuff doesn’t ACTUALLY work but he insisted and now I HAVE THE POWER! Muhaahaahaa! Silly boy.

Are you sick of diet culture yet? It’s been nothing but endless talk about weight loss , “keto diet ” and “clean eating” in my world. Ugh! I had chocolate banana bread for breakfast this morning and I feel fine.

As someone who’s 1. human 2. imperfect. 3. not very mindful 4. sometimes has the dumb, I really appreciate this sentiment! I just have bad luck when I think. That works for me!

I’ve noticed life and interacting with the humans is becoming increasingly difficult since quitting my job. All those weird little quirks I’ve kept tucked away are making an appearance again. It’s like my brain doesn’t switch from private Lael to public Lael, fast enough. Like its forgotten how! It makes for some funny interactions! Maybe I should get out more, keep my humaning skills sharp, ha.

How are your people skills? Do you need human interaction to keep them sharp or are you naturally gifted?

May your week bring you nothing but joy!

Love and squishy hugs.

January Ramble

Happy Monday!

I love Mondays. This one in particular because it’s the start of the first full week in January and the first full week of 2019. ( Technically, Sunday is the first day of the week, but whatevs! )

I feel like I need a rest from all the resting I did over Yule. The Hubs and I became one with the couch and it was AWESOME! I’ve never been able to just be so this was HUGE for me. I finally learned how to rest. A great achievement.

Did you make any intentions? I have two:

  1. Stand Tall.
  2. Be Kind To Myself.

I’m pretty awesome everywhere else so that’s all I need.

Ha Ha Ha!

Ok. I’m pretty average. The truth is I view this time of year with mixed thoughts. On the one hand I like the idea of a fresh start. As humans, we love our clean slates, the chance to symbolically start anew. On the other hand, sometimes this time of year can feel like an assault.


Meh. I’m just not about that. It encourages perfectionism and I’m not down with that. Perfectionism is anxiety in disguise. I have enough of that on my own. I don’t need to willfully add anymore.

So. Today I bring you this:

I’m going to celebrate learning how to rest and making it through my yearly dark days. How about you?

Meme Monday-Dec

Ha Ha Ha!

Have any of you seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet? Its so good! I was engaged and captivated the whole way through. I didn’t want it to end and when it did, not a soul in the theatre left until the final credit rolled past. We all wanted to keep listening to the music!

Do you have a favourite Queen song? Mine is … you guessed it! Another One Bites The Dust.

There’s just something about that bass and its so…funky! 

Gah! This one gets me. Right in the feels. I’m not sure I agree with it entirely but it made me gasp out loud so something within me does. I do know it takes bravery to be vulnerable and open in love. I have a hard crunchy shell 🙂 but I do the best I can. How about you? What do you think?

Monday Meme

I love memes. I think they are an ingenious way to share a thought, idea , joke or inspiration in  a succinct and culturally relevant way. 

I find them helpful too. When I need inspiration, courage, validation or just a laugh all I have to do is scroll through my vast collection and, there it is. Something I’ve saved for this exact moment. 

Here are two from last week that really stuck with me :

Have any of you read anything by Brene Brown? She’s spent the past two decades studying shame, courage, vulnerability and empathy. The first meme really brings home a lot of what she writes about. I’d much rather engage with curiosity than shame. I like the reminder this meme brings me.

The second meme feels so empowering! Yeah, I might love you but I don’t have to trust or respect you. That’s entirely up to you. Its your job to be trustworthy and worthy of respect through your actions ( never words) and I decide to give or not, depending on my interpretations of your actions. And just because I love you, doesn’t mean I have to put up with the things you do that cause me to not trust you or respect you. Trust and respect are earned based on behavior, not just given as a gift alongside love. Being able to separate these things was HUGE in my personal growth and evolution as a human. 

How about you? What do these memes say to you?