Covid 19 Cuisine – Eggs Benedict ( of a sort )

Eggs Benedict is my all time favourite breakfast. If I’m out with friends, that’s what I have. If my Hubs makes me a special breakfast – birthday. Mother’s Day – that’s what I ask for. Hell. sometimes I even have it for dinner. Just on a whim!

That’s what I did here but lo! The store was out of English muffins.


Well…I did have frozen Swedish Pancakes from Ikea….

Hot damn! It worked! I had Rosemary deli ham which I just heated up in the oven alongside the pancakes. I whipped up my sauce on the stove real quick and poached up some eggs and…my delicious masterpiece was complete!

This is another meal of necessity that’ll be in my regular rotation ❤

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COVID19 Cuisine – Fried Egg & Cheese Sandwich.

I’ve certainly eaten a fried egg sandwich once or twice in my lifetime but not in adult memory. When I saw it listed as an option on a article about cheap food options I thought “why not” and made it for lunch one day.

The author of said article added Cheddar cheese to theirs and I can confirm that the whole thing is comfortingly delicious!

But please, take it from me: Try a fried egg sandwich with Provolone cheese! I had two slices left over from better days and OH MY!

It tastes extra rich and the flavour is so much more robust and mature. I think this one is going to something I eat on a regular basis, Covid 19 or not!

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Covid19 Cuisine – Chicken Burger

I was really craving a chicken sandwich last month but society was under physical distancing orders and hopping on a bus to get my fix just didn’t seem to be a good choice.

So what did I do? Improvise!

I scrounged up a squished bun from the freezer, heated up the last three chicken finger too – a good Gigi always has chicken fingers for the Grands-, sliced up some pickles, slopped on some fancy BBQ sauce – made with merlot- and ended up with this:

It wasn’t half bad. The BBQ sauce was a poor choice, next time I’ll stick to mayo and mustard but still…a tasty lunch indeed!

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Makeshift Meals-Brussel Sprouts Hash & Eggs.

I had some Brussel sprouts left over from Yule (gasp!) and as I’m the only one in this house who likes the yummy little cabbage brains,I knew I could eat them however I liked!

Soooooo. I roasted them up with some wee potatoes (also left over from Yule) and seasoned them simply with salt and pepper.

Or maybe just salt…I don’t see any pepper? Do you?!

I couldn’t stop myself from picking at them just the way they were but that does not a meal make.

Channeling my inner brunch lover, I promptly fried two eggs and plopped them on top:

And enjoyed the hell out of the whole mess! It was amazingly satisfying. I will definitely be adding this one to the menu when I open my hip new diner in … never.

You should try it too!

Makeshift meal? Will you marry me? ❤

Makeshift Meals- Chocolate Chili, Chocolate Banana Bread-Bananas.

What? Banana bread can be a meal.

Especially if you make it into an epic dessert like I did!

Here’s the scoop.

I was feeling dessert-y but didn’t want to make anything and didn’t really have anything laying about that was turning me on. Until I remembered the big chunk of chocolate banana bread I’d popped in the freezer and the half hand of brown bananas.

So, I microwaved the banana bread then lightly toasted it in the oven.

Then, I sliced the bananas into long chunks and pan fried them in a shit load of butter, until golden on one side. When I flipped them over to brown the other side I sprinkled over a big soup spoon of brown sugar and let the whole lot caramelize for a few mins. THEN, (this is the best part ) I poured over a good glug of chocolate, cinnamon chili Kahlua, let it all come together (without the loss of my eyebrows or home ) and poured the whole lovely mess over the warm and toasty banana bread.

It was rich as hell but really good. You should try it sometime!

Makeshift Meals-Perogies and Slaw.

With apologies to purists everywhere.

This seems weird (and it really is ) but it was good. I swear it!

I had run out of leftovers, which is what I usually have for lunch, and was (and still am ) trying to stay away from DELICIOUS, saaaaaaalty, ramen noodles.

What to eat, what to eat?

I ended up dressing some broccoli slaw with Honey Poppy Seed salad dressing and used the whole mess as a bed for some cheesy perogies. It was strangely good. Had I any sour cream I would have mixed some of that up with some Dijon and slopped it on top too.

Ta Da!

Sometimes the best meals are the makeshift ones!

What is your favourite makeshift meal?