Friday Ramble – Bees, Spit & Gardening.

I know right?! A ramble on a Friday? What is this world coming to?

How are things? How was your week? Your health?

I’ve bought a cow! Well, half of one. (Is cow the right word? Isn’t cow a female animal and bull the male and steer the neutered and heifer a young one of either sex? I ought to look that up!)

ANYway! We’ve bought a share in an animal that is being raised for meat for us and another person. This is going to be ALOT of meat for two people so everyone in my family is getting beef for Christmas this year, ha ha.

Our animal will be killed on the farm which too, which pleases me for many reasons and I’m supporting a local business in the process, which please me too.

I told Hubs to tell the farmer to kiss my cow on the head but he says he’s not doing that -rude!- so I’m doing it every night in my head. I think it’s important for people who eat meat- ANIMALS- to fully realize what that entails and this brings me one step closer to that.

My friend Chels is a total bad ass who raises her own animals AND kills them AND butchers them, all by herself. Maybe one day I’ll be as brave as her. For now, this will have to do.

Oh! Guess what else?! I’m going to YALE!

Have you heard of Coursera? It’s a learning platform that offers free and paid courses to the masses. It’s a pretty cool place for us nerds to learn all kinds of stuff. This year, they’re offering Yale’s very popular course on The Science of Well Being and I’m taking it. It’s SO good! I was tickled to find I’m already doing a lot of these things ( I am an old lady after all) but I’m learning so much new stuff too. The professor-Dr. Laurie Santos- is totally relatable. I’m linking HERE to a really good article about the whole thing and there’s a link to the course in the piece too. Go check it out. It’s totally worth it.

Tee hee

Have you seen any “Murder Hornets”? I hear, they are mostly hype BUT I’ll be on the lookout just in case. I love my buzzers. My Bumbles, buzz me in the yard like wee affectionate pets. They’ve got a nest in under my lilacs and I so enjoy their company. I feel so bad for them, all I’ve got flowering are dandelions. Going to have to change that! Can any of you suggest some early flowering plants for bees?

Pro tip: Don’t try this on your husband. They do NOT APPRECIATE the effort.

I am loving this weather. Rain, sun. Sun, rain! My garden is too. I’m picking big huge bouquets of asparagus every second day. Sometimes every day and sometimes…TWICE a day! I cant keep up with it all. WHat a great problem to have!

Yep! ^ That’s me. I went to Kuhlmann’s on the weekend – they are doing awesome with the COVID-19 measures ! Home Depot was a Covid 19 infection waiting to happen by comparison. Be warned- and spent most of my saved allowance on plants and garden stuff. I bought a big bag of dirt, a row cover and the rest was plants. I went in armed with a short list, and a conservative mindset. Ha ha ha, that all went to hell when I saw ALL THE THINGS.

I’m trying eggplant and celeriac this year. I fucked up and grabbed cauliflower instead of kohlrabi ( shakes fist at self! ) . I’ve got some Thai chilis, two kinds of cabbage, brussel sprouts, zucchini, patty pan squash, a Yellow Boy tomato ( bringing my tomato plant collection up to TEN ) Oh! Some seed potatoes- Banana fingerling and Russian Blue ). I think that’s it. The Hubs grabbed a Ghost chili plant and a Scotch Bonnet one too. Oh, we also picked up some cute flowers for our front porch. More on those when I get them planted. They are really unique.

Speaking of gardening: You are reading words typed by a person who picks up WORMS with a gloved hand. I did it! I felt so proud of myself ❤ It was on a gravel pathway, not happy about the situation and obviously suffering so I just steeled myself and picked it up, placing it back into the dirt.

It wasn’t nearly as awful as I thought it’d be. Funny that!

You should see me now. I was digging up a spot for potatoes and I spotted an absolute monster of a worm. It was dark burgundy, almost black. I was >thisclose< to picking it up to show the husband. This is going to sound strange coming from me but: It was a beautiful worm. 🙂

OK!. I’ve got a garden to tend to. I’d better get at her.

I hope you have THE BEST weekend.

Do you have any fun plans?

Things I’ve Learned #2…

since the last time I did this little exercise!

1. I know what I want to be when I grow up!! A consistently warm and friendly person with superb social skills, who makes people feel safe and valued in all interactions.

2. The thru hiker community is AMAZING! I’m not even hiking a thru hike and I’m meeting the nicest, most supportive people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, in my life!

3. I am a hard ass about a lot of things. And sometimes I use “integrity” as a high and mighty excuse for that flaw. It’s fine to be rigid about some things but its a good idea to question yourself sometimes to make sure you’re being rigid about things that really matter and not just things that trigger your fear and ego.

4. Vanilla Chai Latte’s from Tim Hortons are really good! I was worried they’d be lacklustre but they are pretty tasty indeed. If you don’t want to pay the dollars, you can easily make one at home. Make some chai with half water/milk. Sweeten to taste. Add a splash of vanilla. Heat and whizz up some milk, float on top and finish with a sprinkle of the chai spices of your choice!

5. Homemade soup is the way to go. I mean, I KNOW this, but it’s always seemed easier to just open up a can and heat it up. I don’t think I can do this anymore. I made Split Pea and Ham Soup the other day in my crockpot and it was ten times better than canned. AND it took hardly any effort at all. I mean sure, I made stock from the bone and picked off the meat but the reward was worth it in the end. I chopped a few things and then let it all cook away until a glorious -but ugly, sorry no photos- thing was born.

Now I’ve got servings and servings of homey goodness in the freezer, just waiting for me ❤ I think I’ll try my hand at Italian Wedding Soup next…Do you have a favourite soup recipe to share?

|How about you? Have you learned anything new lately?