The Kindest Thing.

Today’s post is inspired by an article about a tweet in which Twitter user @Nicole_Cliffe asked: What was the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you?

What a great question! The answers really touched my heart!

People! The world might be a dumpster fire but people, we are NOT. We CAN be awesome. There were so many wonderful acts of kindness and bravery and creativity in showing love and caring. Oh it did my heart so good! Go have a read!

Do you have a favourite? Mine is the one about a person having a panic attack and some other person’s service dog approaching them to lay their head on their laps for 20 mins until they felt better. Be still my heart! I love dogs. We don’t deserve them ❤

I’m so curious now! There must be thousand and thousands of beautiful stories out there! So please, wont you play along too?!

Here is mine!

My Hubs and I were young parents with one child and thought it’d be fun to take our boy to Harrison Lake for the day. Harrison Lake is in BC and while the lake itself is frickin’ huge and deep and windy, it also has a little shallow lagoon that’s just perfect for three year olds to play in in relative safety if you keep your eye on them.

Well. You know how bad things can happen in the blink of an eye? That is what happened to me.

I stepped two steps away from my son, playing at the waters edge, and turned to look to see where my Hubs was. Just a backwards glance. When I turned back, my boy was face down in the water. I froze in shock, completely horrified. It was like I was being held in place by an invisible force-fear- and I was completely powerless against it, no matter how hard I sought to run to him.

Lucky for me -and him- a young man saw it too and raced for him, plucking him up gasping and choking and then thankfully crying and coughing and brought him to me.

“You need to be more careful” He says to me, not unkindly. I grabbed my boy from him, and soothed him, heart racing as I said to my new BFF, ” You are SO right. Thank you!”

And strangely, that was that. The young man went his way, we went our way. Both of us probably feeling a bit stunned…and one of us much wiser.

My son was fine in the end but I was a wreck for years after…even now I’m hyper aware and I’m sure I annoy everyone with my safety talks and anxious vigilance. But whatever! I know perfectly well how quick these tragedies can happen. We were so LUCKY that young man was there and that he was able to react the way he did, others are not. I will never, ever let that gift go wasted ❤

Ok. Your turn! Tell me your story!

What’s the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?