A is for – *All About Me. A-Z

My name is Lael. Some people, especially kids, call me Laeli which is funny because when I was planning to run away and live a secret life in Maui, my new name was gonna BE Laeli.

My name is pretty cool, huh? I like it! I’m probably the only person with a “weird” name who’s pleased to have it. It’s Gaelic. My mother named me after seeing the name in one of those romance novels, ha ha. I have never been able to find any reference to it’s meaning though. I know in Hebrew it means “of god” or “child of god” but I NO like that! I want it to mean something less…religion-y. I guess I could just make something up. I do like accuracy though SO if you have any idea of a different meaning for the love of Chaos and Order, let me know. There is the River Lael in Scotland so there is hope!

I’m in my forties and this is what I look like fat:


This is what I look like thin:


And this is what I look like in between:


I’m all about body positivity. NOT the hijacked body positivity movement currently trying to hide diet culture. I’m talking about the ACTUAL body positivity movement. All hail HAES!

I was born a Sea Witch and I’m living now a Sky Witch but I’m not a Wiccan . I love nature and magic. I think our whole world is magic. Have you watched a sunset recently? MAGIC? Have you sat in the woods and watched the Earth just do Her thing? MAGIC!

Practicing Buddhism has helped me navigate myself, life and myself IN life, greatly. Have you ever come across something succinct that clears away all fog and settles down your insides? That’s what the teachings of Buddhism do for me. I am ever grateful because if you wind up thinking I’m a mess now, you should have seen me twenty years ago! Mind you, I’m not dissing myself. I am a beautiful mess. We all are in one way or another.

I’m a Mum, a Wife and a Grandma. I love being a Grandma the best. I live in Canada, in the province of ALberta, in a northern city. I’m in training as an End-Of-Life-Care Doula.

Mostly, I’m a quirky lady with my own unique view of the world. Just like the rest of us seven billion plus beings. I try to see the world through the lens of my heart. These are the ABC’s of that!