Snow, Cats, Weight, Text, Sleep.

Happy Monday!

It’s snowing here in my Edmonton. The world is completely white all around me, the only show of colour being the cars and houses on my street. Oh! And my Mountain Ash. A savior in brown and red.

Did you get up to anything fun over the weekend? Tell me all about it! The Hubs and I went to Jasper. Post to follow!

I’m off to get my crown today. They just have to set the jewels take off the temporary mold and affix the permanent one. Here’s hope Jonathan doesn’t destroy my mouth like he did the last time. Imagine The Incredible Hulk doing fine motor skill work…Here are some memes~

Did I ever tell you about the time I had 15 (FIVETEEN) cats in my care? I had two separate litters of kittens I’d saved from eagles/assholes/the big sleep plus four of my own. BEST.TIME.OF.MY.LIFE! All this took place two weeks before moving one province over. This photo speaks to me!

A public service announcement.

Haaahaaahaaa! Seriously. Don’t call me. I can do coffee. I can do text. I can do email. I detest phone calls. How about you?!


Love and Squishy Hugs!