On Mute

Hey Friends!

I’m putting this blog ON MUTE.

For how long? I don’t know! Until it feels right to return to my regular programming.


It feels entirely wrong for me to keep chat, chat, chatting away about my usual things while the world is going through this Uprising brought forth by George Floyd’s murder by 4 police officers. I know that I (we!) need to listen and learn from the members of the Black community who are speaking now.

So On Mute it is ❤

A few things before I go:

1. Fuck the Police. There are some police officers who do not seem to understand the great honour that has been bestowed upon them via the authority they have been granted by US , over others. They don’t respect it and therefore they don’t deserve it. How are we as citizens supposed to trust them? How can we tell who’s good and who’s bad? It’s not safe for us to blindly trust them anymore. We need to rely on each other instead until the powers that be get their shit together collectively.

Why do I say Fuck the Police and not Fuck some of the Police?



This Mama is coming.


What are WE doing for others? Sit with this and then get moving. Here are some good tips and resources : 1. 27 books to help you talk to kids about racism. 2. 11 things to do besides saying “This has to stop” in the wake of police brutality. 3. While we’re talking about police brutality this one might come in handy: How to safely and ethically film police misconduct. 4. 75 things white people can do for racial justice.


Which one are you?


Scoop that boat! Listen. Learn. Dismantle. Step up. Stand together.

Simple Pleasures – Bacon IN Eggs.

The Hubs fried up half a pound of bacon the other day and very kindly left me my share 🙂

Now that’s love folks!

I was most tempted to eat the strips as a snack before breakfast, ha, but ended up making one of my favourite dishes.

It’s a simple, silly little thing but it has my heart because it’s tied to a memory of a special person and a special place.

My grandpa used to make this every time we visited the home he shared with my grandma on Gabriola Island.

Grandpa would chop up raw bacon, real tiny and add it to just started scrambled eggs. The bacon would release all its fat and cook along with the eggs. But barely. Just enough to be safe to eat 🙂 By the time it was all done you had a beautiful mess of soft eggs with little dots of bacon all the way through. YUM!

My mother said he made it that way so as to stretch the bacon out to feed so many people but to me, it was a dish of culinary perfection!

The quick and dirty version is too ❤

The Flu

Would you believe I’m still sick?

I know! It’s been almost 4 weeks. Apparently that’s normal. And here I was thinking I’d be healed in a week,Haha Haha!

This illness has been hilarious. I’ve lost hearing on one side, I developed PINKEYE ( what am I, a five year old?) and daily I’m being hit with sore throat attacks that come and go randomly with no rhyme or reason. I keep thinking -Ok what new symptom am I going to experience next?!

I think the worst thing is the fatigue and disinterest in anything that requires energy. I feel like one giant puddle of ooze. The plus side of this is that I feel zero guilt for sitting around these past 4 weeks. 😁 AND it sure makes January FLY by!

I’m a healthy human with no underlying issues. I have near perfect immunity to the various flu viruses out there. The last time I was ill was 9 years ago. I take precautions against illness daily and while I’m not young, I’m not all that old either.

Which brings me to the whole point of this post ( really, I’m not just whining):

This virus is nasty in me, a healthy person, it must be hell on the elderly and folks who have underlying health issues. I see why health care professionals are so keen on the flu shot. I just want to wrap up the vulnerable and keep them safe so they don’t get sick,gah.

Take care of yourselves, Peeps. And take care of your neighbors too. 💜

New Year, New Ramble

More like New Year, New Flu!

I’m actually sick! With the Flu of all things!

I was fine -and contagious- when I went out for lunch and a movie- Little Women- with a friend on Friday. ( Great movie!)

I was fine on Saturday morning while I started my new art project.

And then suddenly I was not!

Uh oh!

The good news is my magic potion is helping and while I’m sick and incapacitated it’s not as horrible as it could be. Aside from the fever, coughing and a very sore throat, the ick has been most manageable. I’m even enjoying the forced rest and I’ve been feeling nothing but gratitude that my symptoms are on the milder side.

It seems to be settling into my chest now which is preferable to my head so it’s ALL GOOD! I’d much rather cough than have a headache even if coughing is the reason I’m awake at this hour.

I did get to watch Bake Off though, and here I am rambling away so it’s not wasted time!

How was your New Year? Did you celebrate?

We had the Little Miss over and that was sure fun. We played games and lit sparklers and everyone was in bed before midnight, ha!

BUT we went for a New Year’s hike the next day-if you follow me on Instagram you’d know this, she says passive aggressively- and I was most proud of myself because I walked on the ice bravely and it was worth the initial fear and anxiety to get out there and start the year off in Nature.



Here, this is a nicer one:

And now I’m going to make coffee and play games until the fatigue that’s settling in forces me back to bed! Good Morning and Happy Monday!

F*ck Up Friday- Just Come On In!

Heading out to the library one day last week, I found myself in a bit of a pickle.I couldn’t find my keys!

I hadn’t been out of the house for two days and I need them to get into the yard, never mind my dwelling, so I knew they were at least safe. I just had to find them!

I’d probably set them down someplace when I was reorganizing my key chain. No biggie! They’d turn up eventually.

I grabbed an extra set I’d tucked way for exactly this occasion and headed out the door.


Remember how I had mentioned that my neighbourhood was experiencing an increase in crime?

Remember last month how some jerks broke into my neighbour’s house, in broad daylight?

Remember how this encouraged me to up my home security and put in new locks and reinforce my doors?

Remember how I felt safe (And SO SMUG!),secure and satisfied every time I turned my key in the lock or slid the deadbolts home? Nobody’s getting in to my house.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

That only works if one is not a dumb ass.

On my return trip home from the library, I let myself back into the yard and immediately found my lost keys.

They’d been OUTSIDE, for TWO DAYS ( and NIGHTS ), sitting in plain sight.

I guess I’d left them out there on Sunday when I’d been picking rosehips. Not only had I left my keys outside, my husband had walked past them twice on his way in from work and not seen them either.

Le sigh.

I am buying one of those long, reely key chain thingys and a carbineer and I’m going to attach the whole get up to my bra strap so I never leave them out there again! (This is not my first offense, sadly)

On the plus side, this incident is truly an indication of something I’ve always suspected- I have the BEST LUCK. Seriously. I must have been born with horseshoes up my bum…

Have you had a major fuck up lately? Please share!

Monday Ramble, Leaves, Eating ALL THE THINGS!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything fun? Tell me all about it!

Mine started off with a bang! Well, actually mine started off with a baby and a friend. I met my pal for coffee and got to meet (and cuddle) her new baby boy. He is the sweetest little guy and while I’m not interested in having any more of my own body, biology had me aching for him. I miss him still, lol. Give me all the babies!

Saturday had me shopping for home security stuff because on Thursday evening, two young people broke into the neighbours house. They walked up to the front door boldly like they owned the place. I dashed out quickly to investigate but they got themselves into the house lickety split! Another neighbour took over from there and they were caught but still…UGH! So the Hubs and I did some stuff to our doors and my house is now near impossible to get into -without making a huge racket- I feel slightly better about it and am grateful the assholes inspired us to upgrade some things but still…it makes me SO mad. Over the next couple of paydays we’re going to light this place up and get a few cameras. Just try and get in here…just try it! It sure does feel satisfying when I lock my doors now, ha! “Ker-chunk” go the deadbolts. I love it!

II made this lovely thing:

Parmesan Zucchini Bread. You can get the recipe HERE. It turned out pretty good! I was so proud of how pretty I made it. We were supposed to have it with Chicken Corn Chowder for dinner but we ended up having A&W at 3pm SO I couldn’t bring myself to make the soup after all! The Gouda Buddy Burger was technically my second lunch so yeah…you’ve gotta draw a line somewhere! I did have a slice of bread, slathered thickly with butter for an evening snack though. Yum! My brain is going crazy with all the cool combinations I could do using this recipe as a base. I seem to get really creative in the kitchen this time of year. I made Peanut Butter Banana Brownies the other day….

Fall is such a cheerful time. Haa!
@ me & Sarah.

Seriously, that’ll do it! Will swoon for food.

The weather is still most lovely here! I think it’s supposed to be 16C today and the leaves are still their colourful, gorgeous selves on all the trees..It looks like this is the last real day of awesome weather so I’ll be spending today finishing up the garden stuff.

I hope your Monday is AMAZING and please, enjoy the heck out of your week ❤

Simple Pleasures: Coffee Walk

It’s a rainy day, which is a bit of a surprise because the weather seems to have calmed it shit. I’ve gotten quite used to these mild and sunny days. No more daily storms. No more strange and exciting cloud formations. Days like this bring about a whole other set of simple pleasures: Netflix. Tea. Books and blankets. I guess I’ll be enjoying a lot more of that as we fully transition out of the warm. But for now, on the warm days we do get, I’m enjoying my neighbourhood coffee walks.

I grab a latte from 7-11 (no Pumpkin Spice just yet. Their Chai is really good) and take myself on a slow wander through the neighbourhood. It’s an interesting place with tree lined streets and cute houses. It can also be a bit scary because it’s right at the edge of the inner city and has its share of social problems. I’ve lived in places like that my whole life, walking through troubled streets feels strangely homey and familiar. Plus it keeps my street skills sharp 😁 Nobody bothers me much though. It’s mostly just my anxiety, barking dogs and friendly cats.

I pass by people reading books in their yards – high five fellow bibliophiles!- and dads doing yard work. I delight in kids climbing fences and trees, testing their skills and becoming braver by the second. Sometimes I accidently catch snippets of intense conversations, like a young girl crying to her boyfriend about family pressures or the two gents sitting on their big front porch discussing philosophy accompanied by a very large bottle of vodka. 😐

When the leaves turn and fall, the fun really starts because as I walk the sun shines dappled through the trees and the ground is all crunchy. So satisfying! Sometimes the wind picks up and I’m caught a swirling leaf tornado, laughing as the wind whips up my hair and flings Goddess know what else up at me. 🍃🍁🕷🦗🐜🍁🍃

The sweet warm sips of coffee are a special pleasure reserved for these walks and it’s one of my most beloved Autumn rituals. I swear, if it could stay Autumn forever, I’d be a happy gal.

I so appreciate these simple pleasures ☕

Do you have a favourite fall ritual?