Best of May 2020

I’ve read 13 books this month and this was the best one out the bunch:

From Goodreads – “In the midst of a family crisis one late evening, white blogger Alix Chamberlain calls her African American babysitter, Emira, asking her to take toddler Briar to the local market for distraction. There, the security guard accuses Emira of kidnapping Briar, and Alix’s efforts to right the situation turn out to be good intentions selfishly mismanaged.”

It was really tough for me to chose throughout the month because there were a lot of great books in my life but once I read – Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid, I knew. This was the BEST of the bunch. I thought it was beautifully, cleverly written. I was cringing and tense in my belly the whole way though and while that sounds like a bad thing, its really not. Read it. You’ll see what I mean. Highly recommend.

Best song cover:

Now normally, I hate this song – thanks Tik Tok- but this version…oh this version is GOOD!

Best Chef on YouTube-

Bruno makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. He’s got such a quirky charm.

Best Toddler :

My boy! I love this kid. Even if he did throw dirt at me, break the toe off my iron crow and put a banana in my water bottle.

This baby!

I’m getting to know her better, bit by bit. She’s still a wee Sprite. With very strong lungs 🙂

Best Bug:

This ladybug who stayed on my hand for a good 10 mins after I rescued it out of a puddle! So cute.

This Song Dog:

Who I spotted from afar but whom neglected to spot me. I was expecting it to notice me and keep moving. It IS a wild animal after all, it’s senses are supposed to be WAY sharper than mine! Colour me surprised when I came around the corner and it was RIGHT THERE. The poor thing jumped three feet in the air then ran franticly towards the traffic. I stopped walking, went still and the coolest thing happened! The coyote stopped too, turned to face me, then trotted off away from the road. Crisis averted! And a cool animal encounter was had ❤

Best Breakfast:

My Hubs makes the best Eggs Benedict. ❤

Best New Friend:

Meet Skitter! Skitter lives on my ceiling and is such a funny little creature. She likes to make herself completely flat and while I never see her move, she’s all over the place. It’s fun to wake up each day and see where she’s gotten herself to~

Best splurge:

Halibut was on sale, so I bought myself a good chunk and made myself fish and chips for dinner as a treat. Those 4 bits cost 15 bucks but OH WOW, it was worth it! I could eat halibut every day….sigh…if I were rich, ha!

Best surprise:

I was out at the doctor’s and noticed a sign. Thinking it had something to do with COVID procedures I stopped to read it and it said ” Please DO NOT feed the goose!”

Goose?! I thought in a panic and looked below the sign:

Lucky for me, she was busy and not feeling threatened! She didnt pay me any mind 🙂 The video doesn’t show it clearly but her eggs were luminescent! Like pearls ❤ I was so grateful she a. didn’t attack me b. let me watch while she tended to her very important business. It was a special moment ❤ I’d never seen that before!

How about you? What’s on you Best List? Lots and lots of stuff I hope! ❤

Sh*T List May 2020

I know I sound like a broken record when I say this but I’m saying it anyway: Where did May go? How is it possible for time to just zoom by like this?

May Shit List

  • Relativity.
  • Opioids and the doctors that prescribe them to children in a care free, willy nilly way. ( This is how my 19 year old nephew died )
  • My shoulder which seems to be permanently disabled.
  • Myself, for losing the power cord to a very expensive camera!
  • This worm for crawling right in my path, trapping me in the car.
  • Allergies.
  • The person who assaulted this 84 year old woman out watering her lawn. There’s video footage of the douche bag. Check it out, see if you know him then report his ass.
  • Any weather from the North that continues to INSIST UPON ITSELF in May. Go on, get out of here! Don’t come back until December.

Aaaannnnd, I think that’s it!

Not too bad for an entire month. I’m finding this practice therapeutic and positive. I know! Doesn’t that seem counter intuitive? Seeing things that make me mad, in print, takes away their power and clears a path for other things. Like grief and humour. Like acceptance and resiliency.

How was your month in this regard? What is making you mad these days?!

Friday Ramble – Bees, Spit & Gardening.

I know right?! A ramble on a Friday? What is this world coming to?

How are things? How was your week? Your health?

I’ve bought a cow! Well, half of one. (Is cow the right word? Isn’t cow a female animal and bull the male and steer the neutered and heifer a young one of either sex? I ought to look that up!)

ANYway! We’ve bought a share in an animal that is being raised for meat for us and another person. This is going to be ALOT of meat for two people so everyone in my family is getting beef for Christmas this year, ha ha.

Our animal will be killed on the farm which too, which pleases me for many reasons and I’m supporting a local business in the process, which please me too.

I told Hubs to tell the farmer to kiss my cow on the head but he says he’s not doing that -rude!- so I’m doing it every night in my head. I think it’s important for people who eat meat- ANIMALS- to fully realize what that entails and this brings me one step closer to that.

My friend Chels is a total bad ass who raises her own animals AND kills them AND butchers them, all by herself. Maybe one day I’ll be as brave as her. For now, this will have to do.

Oh! Guess what else?! I’m going to YALE!

Have you heard of Coursera? It’s a learning platform that offers free and paid courses to the masses. It’s a pretty cool place for us nerds to learn all kinds of stuff. This year, they’re offering Yale’s very popular course on The Science of Well Being and I’m taking it. It’s SO good! I was tickled to find I’m already doing a lot of these things ( I am an old lady after all) but I’m learning so much new stuff too. The professor-Dr. Laurie Santos- is totally relatable. I’m linking HERE to a really good article about the whole thing and there’s a link to the course in the piece too. Go check it out. It’s totally worth it.

Tee hee

Have you seen any “Murder Hornets”? I hear, they are mostly hype BUT I’ll be on the lookout just in case. I love my buzzers. My Bumbles, buzz me in the yard like wee affectionate pets. They’ve got a nest in under my lilacs and I so enjoy their company. I feel so bad for them, all I’ve got flowering are dandelions. Going to have to change that! Can any of you suggest some early flowering plants for bees?

Pro tip: Don’t try this on your husband. They do NOT APPRECIATE the effort.

I am loving this weather. Rain, sun. Sun, rain! My garden is too. I’m picking big huge bouquets of asparagus every second day. Sometimes every day and sometimes…TWICE a day! I cant keep up with it all. WHat a great problem to have!

Yep! ^ That’s me. I went to Kuhlmann’s on the weekend – they are doing awesome with the COVID-19 measures ! Home Depot was a Covid 19 infection waiting to happen by comparison. Be warned- and spent most of my saved allowance on plants and garden stuff. I bought a big bag of dirt, a row cover and the rest was plants. I went in armed with a short list, and a conservative mindset. Ha ha ha, that all went to hell when I saw ALL THE THINGS.

I’m trying eggplant and celeriac this year. I fucked up and grabbed cauliflower instead of kohlrabi ( shakes fist at self! ) . I’ve got some Thai chilis, two kinds of cabbage, brussel sprouts, zucchini, patty pan squash, a Yellow Boy tomato ( bringing my tomato plant collection up to TEN ) Oh! Some seed potatoes- Banana fingerling and Russian Blue ). I think that’s it. The Hubs grabbed a Ghost chili plant and a Scotch Bonnet one too. Oh, we also picked up some cute flowers for our front porch. More on those when I get them planted. They are really unique.

Speaking of gardening: You are reading words typed by a person who picks up WORMS with a gloved hand. I did it! I felt so proud of myself ❤ It was on a gravel pathway, not happy about the situation and obviously suffering so I just steeled myself and picked it up, placing it back into the dirt.

It wasn’t nearly as awful as I thought it’d be. Funny that!

You should see me now. I was digging up a spot for potatoes and I spotted an absolute monster of a worm. It was dark burgundy, almost black. I was >thisclose< to picking it up to show the husband. This is going to sound strange coming from me but: It was a beautiful worm. 🙂

OK!. I’ve got a garden to tend to. I’d better get at her.

I hope you have THE BEST weekend.

Do you have any fun plans?

Feel ALL THE FEELS Friday.

Hello! Happy Friday. Welcome to the start of Little Weekend!

I came across this song whilst strolling through YouTube and while its not at all new, this version is new to me. (It was uploaded in 2012, ha!) I haven’t seriously listened to Willie Nelson since I was a kid. It’s just not my genre. Yet something prompted me to click on the link last night and I was so glad I did because this song had me all teary eyed and squishy in my heart ❤ I know Pearl Jam did the song first but there is something about the simple, heart felt way Willie sings that just gets me. ( You Were Always On My Mind is another favourite too )

Listening to Just Breathe by Willie Nelson and his son Lukas Nelson reminded me of this next song!

It’s by Disturbed and I haven’t been able to listen to it yet without tearing up. In fact, I avoid it for this very reason because my husband plays it at the WORST times. I need to listen to it alone and endure an honest cry first, before I can hear it in the every day.

Oh NO! I think I may have made it worse! I am a bucket of salty, teary goo 😭

Seeing all those people… GAH! I have made a mistake!

Crying is supposed to be very therapeutic though so maybe this is a good thing? I must have needed the release.

If you feel like you need a good cry, these songs will do it!

May the tears you cry, cleanse away your sorrows.

Micro Dosing with Melatonin- Spring Update

If you’re new here, I’ve been micro dosing with melatonin to ease my S.A.D symptoms, since ooohhh, the day I felt Autumn in the air. Around July 29, 2019 I think. I take .5 mg of melatonin in the late afternoon every day and write about my progress! If you’re interested in previous posts you can find them here, here, and here.

Spring! It’s been “spring” for a bit now.

At first, I really thought my “data” had been ruined by this pandemic.

When we hit Spring on March 19, 2020 we were well in the midst of this particular shit show and I was not feeling so good. I was anxious and just starting to slip into the blues.

BUT, in February when the pandemic was all but a ghost ship on the horizon, I was feeling just fine.

I wasn’t feeling any of the effects of S.A.D at all. Not a thing! I was clear and alert and…normal. What was also normal was the way I was feeling in the midst of a global pandemic.

It wouldn’t be fair to blame the slight case of blahs I felt in March on S.A.D.

Especially when said blues have poofed off into nothingness. People in the know are fully aware that S.A.D never just poofs off.

So ya know, I’m just going to call it: Melatonin works like a hot damn on my Seasonal Affective Disorder. It has successfully helped me through the long dark months and I’ll be doing it again next year. This time I’m going to start it earlier…closer to the Summer Solstice. July felt a little late…like I had to play catch up before feeling the positive benefits.

Some other things I’ve learned:

It’s not a magic cure, you still have to do the work. Practice good self care, mind your thoughts and be consistent with your dose.

Taking melatonin in the later months when your body doesn’t need it as much is going to be a whole different experience. I started taking my dose later because it wasn’t dark at 4pm and I found that it was making me very sleepy, very early. When this happens, it’s time to stop micro dosing. But listen to YOUR OWN BODY, not what I tell you to do. Your results will vary.

Do your own research on all of this yourself too. Don’t just listen to me. Make sure such a thing is right for you. Your doctor and Google – look for quality research papers- are your friend.

I still take melatonin in the evening if I notice my sleep getting wonky. I think this is just as important as the micro dosing and I should have been doing this all along. Good sleep is important to your mental health.

There you have it 🙂 I think every year is going to be different and I’m probably going to learn new things as I go along still but I feel confident that micro dosing with melatonin is a great helper in my mental health toolbox.

Have you tried micro dosing? How did it work for you?

F*ck Up Friday – Mindlessness.

Friends! I’ve done a thing!

I was feeling most proud of myself the other day because I was busy. Busy, busy.busy. Getting all my tasks done for once! Go me!

I’d even taken a cloth and my spray bottle of water and bleach and given the clothes line a wipe, a small chore I wouldn’t have done until after I’d given my clean clothes dirt strips the first time.

I WAS ON FIRE! Puttering here, puttering there, spraying BLEACH WATER IN MY HAIR!

I have a spray bottle of regular water that I use to refresh my crazy day two hair with. It was sitting on the kitchen counter-because I also use it to refresh wrinkled clothes before I pop them in the dryer. – Welp. My bottle of bleach and water was also sitting on the kitchen counter and I mindlessly grabbed it instead!

I didn’t notice I was spraying bleach on my chemically streaked hair until I set it down beside me on the tub edge so I could really work the “water” in.

I noticed the clean smell…but never made the connection until my eyes took in the bottle.


Behold the two bottles:

It was all OK, I was able to rinse it out right away and the Hubs says my hair is still gray, not green but still. This was a pretty awesome fuck up, if I do say so myself.

Have you had any epic screws up lately? Please share!