Yule Do You.


I’m playfully bonking you all on the head RIGHT NOW!

With five days until Yule, six until my family dinner and eight until Present Day I’ve been thinking about all that I have left to do.

Bake and package treats.  Finalize and prepare for FIVE meals. Complete shopping for one husband, daughter, son, daughter in law, son in law, granddaughter. Wrap presents for one husband, daughter, son, daughter in law, son in law and granddaughter. 

That’s not so bad, is it? Totally doable. In the in between time I plan to knit and read and watch movies. Oh and bonk people over the head with empty wrapping paper tubes!

I’m not usually this calm. So colour me surprised! I think I’ve finally realized that anxiety is not a very healthy motivation tool. The work still gets done. And I really don’t have to be a frantic mess to do it. 

Celebrating the season as Yule helps too. It feels honest and authentic to me. Who knew a name change would have such a positive effect? 

How are you handling the season? Are you calm and at peace, or freaking out?

Monday Meme-Dec 10, 2018

Credit? IDK. If you know, please share.


I love Ikea, I really do. Half my house is furnished by them. This meme is just too funny. 

Have you ever put together any Ikea stuff? I usually “let” the husband do that BUT last year I bought myself a trestle table with a glass top for my art room and I totes put that thing together all by myself. I aced it too. It wasn’t even all that hard. I felt so proud. 

Speaking of trees … if you celebrate the season with a tree, is it up yet?

I have a fake, white one. Its wee and convenient but kind of soulless – not to mention the opposite of environmentally friendly-  so this year I’m getting a real one.

I knew the Hubs wouldn’t be too keen on this so I broke it to him this way “Honey, I have some bad news for you.” says I, in a grave and somber tone. “Uh oh ” says he, with a worried look on his face, surely thinking the worst. ” I really want a real tree this year ” His facial expressions declare a strange mix of pain AND relief. ” Ugh! They make so much mess!” I smile and agree sympathetically ” I know! It’s going to OK ” 

And that was the end of that! The next thing I know he’s talking about buying a tree stand. Finally, after 26 years of togetherness, I’ve figured out an appropriate way to approach him about things. Go me!

What a lesson you’ve learned that was a long time coming?

Meme Monday-Dec

Ha Ha Ha!

Have any of you seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet? Its so good! I was engaged and captivated the whole way through. I didn’t want it to end and when it did, not a soul in the theatre left until the final credit rolled past. We all wanted to keep listening to the music!

Do you have a favourite Queen song? Mine is … you guessed it! Another One Bites The Dust.

There’s just something about that bass and its so…funky! 

Gah! This one gets me. Right in the feels. I’m not sure I agree with it entirely but it made me gasp out loud so something within me does. I do know it takes bravery to be vulnerable and open in love. I have a hard crunchy shell 🙂 but I do the best I can. How about you? What do you think?

Monday Meme

I love memes. I think they are an ingenious way to share a thought, idea , joke or inspiration in  a succinct and culturally relevant way. 

I find them helpful too. When I need inspiration, courage, validation or just a laugh all I have to do is scroll through my vast collection and, there it is. Something I’ve saved for this exact moment. 

Here are two from last week that really stuck with me :

Have any of you read anything by Brene Brown? She’s spent the past two decades studying shame, courage, vulnerability and empathy. The first meme really brings home a lot of what she writes about. I’d much rather engage with curiosity than shame. I like the reminder this meme brings me.

The second meme feels so empowering! Yeah, I might love you but I don’t have to trust or respect you. That’s entirely up to you. Its your job to be trustworthy and worthy of respect through your actions ( never words) and I decide to give or not, depending on my interpretations of your actions. And just because I love you, doesn’t mean I have to put up with the things you do that cause me to not trust you or respect you. Trust and respect are earned based on behavior, not just given as a gift alongside love. Being able to separate these things was HUGE in my personal growth and evolution as a human. 

How about you? What do these memes say to you?