On Mute

Hey Friends!

I’m putting this blog ON MUTE.

For how long? I don’t know! Until it feels right to return to my regular programming.


It feels entirely wrong for me to keep chat, chat, chatting away about my usual things while the world is going through this Uprising brought forth by George Floyd’s murder by 4 police officers. I know that I (we!) need to listen and learn from the members of the Black community who are speaking now.

So On Mute it is ❤

A few things before I go:

1. Fuck the Police. There are some police officers who do not seem to understand the great honour that has been bestowed upon them via the authority they have been granted by US , over others. They don’t respect it and therefore they don’t deserve it. How are we as citizens supposed to trust them? How can we tell who’s good and who’s bad? It’s not safe for us to blindly trust them anymore. We need to rely on each other instead until the powers that be get their shit together collectively.

Why do I say Fuck the Police and not Fuck some of the Police?



This Mama is coming.


What are WE doing for others? Sit with this and then get moving. Here are some good tips and resources : 1. 27 books to help you talk to kids about racism. 2. 11 things to do besides saying “This has to stop” in the wake of police brutality. 3. While we’re talking about police brutality this one might come in handy: How to safely and ethically film police misconduct. 4. 75 things white people can do for racial justice.


Which one are you?


Scoop that boat! Listen. Learn. Dismantle. Step up. Stand together.

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