Sh*T List May 2020

I know I sound like a broken record when I say this but I’m saying it anyway: Where did May go? How is it possible for time to just zoom by like this?

May Shit List

  • Relativity.
  • Opioids and the doctors that prescribe them to children in a care free, willy nilly way. ( This is how my 19 year old nephew died )
  • My shoulder which seems to be permanently disabled.
  • Myself, for losing the power cord to a very expensive camera!
  • This worm for crawling right in my path, trapping me in the car.
  • Allergies.
  • The person who assaulted this 84 year old woman out watering her lawn. There’s video footage of the douche bag. Check it out, see if you know him then report his ass.
  • Any weather from the North that continues to INSIST UPON ITSELF in May. Go on, get out of here! Don’t come back until December.

Aaaannnnd, I think that’s it!

Not too bad for an entire month. I’m finding this practice therapeutic and positive. I know! Doesn’t that seem counter intuitive? Seeing things that make me mad, in print, takes away their power and clears a path for other things. Like grief and humour. Like acceptance and resiliency.

How was your month in this regard? What is making you mad these days?!

13 thoughts on “Sh*T List May 2020

    • Please do!
      ❀ Thank you.
      The opioid crises touches every family, in some way. It's almost normal now these days. I found that so shocking in the beginning! ( My son is in recovery)
      I'm happy you were able to taper off of them ❀


  1. The only thing on my sh*t list right now is the new block editor that Word Press is introducing. I have tried to wrestle it into submission on three occasions and decided I only ever want to use the “classic” editor forevermore. I know I should accept that change is inevitable, but in this instance I really cannot see how it improves anything.

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  2. My shit list is 1) slow growing grass 2) fast growing weeds 3) mosquitoes 4) the dork in the coal roller diesel truck that frivolously drives around in our city compensating for his obvious shortcomings by roaring his motor at every turn and up every street 5) people outside who think that everyone loves the music they like to share at full volume with the neighbourhood 6) smoky backyard fire pits (not mine) 7) not being able to walk safely in the river valley 8) mosquitoes 9) mosquitoes 10) mosquitoes. I think that is about it. Stay well Lael. Allan

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  3. I can’t say anything is making me angry, but some drivers do make me wish for a machine gun mounted under my front bumper! chuckle
    The birds will enjoy a brunch on that worm that trapped you in the car. I thought you were tough! I share your anger at the person who attacked that woman. Now writing this I do admit that bullies make me mad, I hate bullies, people who pick fights. I also dislike people who ignore simple minor laws, defacing property, littering or worse, but there’s so much of that stuff I have to let go or I’d always be mentally all wound up. – how about we buy some china at a garage sale and then have fun dancing and smashing it. – David

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    • Ha! I’m totally tough-in bits and spurts!
      I love the idea of that! And when we’re done smashing china we can use it to create a beautiful mosaic.
      Thanks for playing! I’m with you on bullies…grrr bullies!

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  5. Using the * in Sh*t for a shit list is on my shit list. It seems every one of my posts is a shit list, but I wasn’t smart enough to express it as clearly as you. So now my own bloated rants are on my shit list.

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    • πŸ™‚ Some shitty things just need their own posts!
      I like to use the asterisk because it enhances the swear words once a person gets into my posts, ha ha. People think I’m one way but then they find out I’m another. I am also the same person who once censored “fucking” then screamed out “cunt” so who even knows where my head is at πŸ˜‰

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