Covid 19 Cuisine – Eggs Benedict ( of a sort )

Eggs Benedict is my all time favourite breakfast. If I’m out with friends, that’s what I have. If my Hubs makes me a special breakfast – birthday. Mother’s Day – that’s what I ask for. Hell. sometimes I even have it for dinner. Just on a whim!

That’s what I did here but lo! The store was out of English muffins.


Well…I did have frozen Swedish Pancakes from Ikea….

Hot damn! It worked! I had Rosemary deli ham which I just heated up in the oven alongside the pancakes. I whipped up my sauce on the stove real quick and poached up some eggs and…my delicious masterpiece was complete!

This is another meal of necessity that’ll be in my regular rotation ❤

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6 thoughts on “Covid 19 Cuisine – Eggs Benedict ( of a sort )

    • I cheat,lol with an egg poacher. It’s just a pan with a tray that holds little cups for the eggs. The old skool way with the simmering water makes them taste so much better though. I struggle with that way too. It’s hard to get them just right.


  1. I am a hard boiled egg person (kinda matches my hair style). Not a fan of poached eggs. Mom used to make them for me when I was young and had trouble choking them down. My favourite saying to the cooks is “Take the cluck out of it.” Happy Eggs Benny Lael. Allan

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    • Teehee.
      I love HB eggs too. They are my next favourite.
      Eggs can be kinda gross, especially if you don’t get them just right. Now that you’re all grown up you can have your eggs any way you like em!

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