COVID19 Cuisine – Fried Egg & Cheese Sandwich.

I’ve certainly eaten a fried egg sandwich once or twice in my lifetime but not in adult memory. When I saw it listed as an option on a article about cheap food options I thought “why not” and made it for lunch one day.

The author of said article added Cheddar cheese to theirs and I can confirm that the whole thing is comfortingly delicious!

But please, take it from me: Try a fried egg sandwich with Provolone cheese! I had two slices left over from better days and OH MY!

It tastes extra rich and the flavour is so much more robust and mature. I think this one is going to something I eat on a regular basis, Covid 19 or not!

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10 thoughts on “COVID19 Cuisine – Fried Egg & Cheese Sandwich.

  1. Fried egg and cheese sandwiches are frequently our Saturday morning breakfast go to. With cheddar, provolone, mozza, swiss or gruyere. Whatever cheese jumps outta the fridge and now we put it all on my levain bread. Yummy. Happy fried egg and cheese Lael. Allan

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  2. I am cooking my morning egg differently these days but the idea is tempting. Some wineries here also sell cheese they make. We have been enjoying some brie we bought last week along with white wine. I enjoy the brie, my wife enjoys the wine. LOL It’s so easy to make a delicious sandwich, and melted cheese is excellent on bread or corn chips! I don’t have any provolone cheese but I will keep it in mind just because of you! – David

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  3. Love! I probably have egg and cheese sammies for breakfast a few times every week. On bakery bread. On bagels. On sourdough. Open faced on 100% rye. So good. I support this habit 100%.

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