F*ck Up Friday – Mindlessness.

Friends! I’ve done a thing!

I was feeling most proud of myself the other day because I was busy. Busy, busy.busy. Getting all my tasks done for once! Go me!

I’d even taken a cloth and my spray bottle of water and bleach and given the clothes line a wipe, a small chore I wouldn’t have done until after I’d given my clean clothes dirt strips the first time.

I WAS ON FIRE! Puttering here, puttering there, spraying BLEACH WATER IN MY HAIR!

I have a spray bottle of regular water that I use to refresh my crazy day two hair with. It was sitting on the kitchen counter-because I also use it to refresh wrinkled clothes before I pop them in the dryer. – Welp. My bottle of bleach and water was also sitting on the kitchen counter and I mindlessly grabbed it instead!

I didn’t notice I was spraying bleach on my chemically streaked hair until I set it down beside me on the tub edge so I could really work the “water” in.

I noticed the clean smell…but never made the connection until my eyes took in the bottle.


Behold the two bottles:

It was all OK, I was able to rinse it out right away and the Hubs says my hair is still gray, not green but still. This was a pretty awesome fuck up, if I do say so myself.

Have you had any epic screws up lately? Please share!

8 thoughts on “F*ck Up Friday – Mindlessness.

  1. So that is what they mean by a bleached blonde. Ha Ha. Glad there were no lasting effects Lael. The only F Ups I seem to have these days is remembering things are different and still grabbing my wallet or putting my keys in my pocket while shopping, before I have gelled my hands. OK, I just found a major F Up in my blogging. For some reason, I labelled all my Vancouver posts as 2013, instead of 2020. Guess I lost my 2020 vision. Cheers. Allan

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  2. My wife said this was epic, I chose a lesser adjective but it was a screw up. All the transplant meds are taken 12 hours apart, 8 am and 8 pm. It’s pretty critical to get it right, not miss a dose, and don’t double up – I have all kinds of reminders to take them. Anyway a couple days ago I was brushing my teeth, brain disengaged, and I looked down and my pill bottle was there and it was full. Without thinking I grabbed it and swallowed them. It was my next day morning pills! Which of course I realized after I swallowed. I fill the pill bottles every night for 24 hours. I had just taken my next day dose about two hours after my evening dose. Long story shortened, I lived but now I engage my brain when I brush my teeth.- David

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  3. Maybe not so bad… Who’s going to see your hair right now… The wife tried to give me a haircut. We call it the “reverse mullet” — front looks ok back is shaved down to the skin where the sun never shined. I blinded the UPS guy when I turned my back to him and the sun caught my pigment impaired neck…


  4. Two days ago I cracked an egg against the side of a jar then tipped it out onto the counter instead of IN the jar. Then stared at it blankly for a few seconds before figuring out what was wrong. I call it lockdown brain!

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