Best of April 2020

Goodbye April! You were a jumbled mix of all the things and I thank you for the good ❤

Here are my Bests.

This Gorgeous Cat:

New cars for my collection the Grandkids:

A walk in someone else’s neighbourhood:

This YouTube channel:

The Crappy Childhood Fairy by Anna Runkle. Clear, humane, dignified, helpful , straight talk about Childhood PTSD and other things.

Speaking of YouTube….Korean Street food videos are my new favourite way to relax!

This book:

What She Knew by Gilly MacMillan was a thrilling, thought provoking read with some very modern themes about motherhood and social media. Give it a go! It’s number one in a series.

This deal from Chapter’s Indigo:

Five books for 25 dollars! I had a gift card so my books only cost me 10 bucks! I think this is a regular thing so if you’re short on moola these days- who isn’t?- check out their deal online. I had a gift card to use so I chose to shop with them. I’ll be supporting a local store the next time because I think that’s an important thing to do. Having said that, money may be an issue depending on their prices and it’s a privileged person who is able to do so exclusively. So don’t feel bad if you can’t!

This glass which holds exactly one ounce of whiskey and one can of mix:

It’s always so pleasing to have things work out exactly right. Satisfying to the last drop, before and after.

These wee baby starts!

It’s my first time starting plants indoors and it’s been really fun! Every time something sprouts I get so excited and I find myself talking to them and calling them “my babies” like the unapologetic weirdo I am ❤ I need proper lights because some of them are pretty leggy but the ones to do get the light first off are amazing and give me hope for next year. Here’s hoping I don’t kill them all before last frost. Wish me luck!

This glorious sunset:

This seasonal change:

And oh a million other lovely things! It’s amazing to me how much my mood changes with the seasons. I just appreciate ALL THE THINGS that much more when a. My sky medicine shines b. Its warm enough to feel the sky medicine on my skin!

Sunshine of your love |

I hope April treated you well! What would be on your Best Of List?

Love, Squishy Hugs and Hope for an excellent May!

9 thoughts on “Best of April 2020

  1. Ahhh, best of, in no particular order. 1) Being retired, with a roof over my head and comfortable enough to handle the pandemic and Stay at Home orders. 2) the disappearance of the snow 3) the return of the birds (except the crows) 4) the local pair of Merlin Falcons who keep the crows on the move 5) my modifications to a nest the crows were building in my Spruce, which at least set back their move in date. 6) the restaurants still offering takeout 7) specialty and all grocery stores finding a way for us to shop 8) having my beloved with me to keep me company during the current crisis 9) yard work 10) interesting bloggers to interact with and blogs to read. Stay well Lael. Allan

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    • Oh, these are lovely. I’m curious about your crow war, who will win? Crows remember faces and tell the others too. Will it be like a horror movie at your house one day? Be careful,lol or send them to me!
      OH! Guess what?! We have a Merlin Falcon in the neighbourhood! I haven’t seen it but other neighbours have. I’m so excited!

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      • So far, no crow reaction. They were away raising H— with their friends and running from the Merlin. The crow population has been a lot less around my yard and I would suspect they likely decided there was some serious predator nearby and moved to safer territory. Time will tell. The Merlin pair are soaring around the neighbourhood and chasing crows to beat the band. Love that sound. Loving the rain today. Cheers. Allan

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  2. My best of April is surviving my 14 days of isolation after returning to Canada with my sanity more-or-less intact!

    I second your joy in the sound of the snow melt going down the drain and in seeing seeds starting to sprout. Yes! It really is spring.

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  3. This post made me smile, of course the cat gets top billing. Your photos and the inspiring melted snow run off video. The book intrigued me but there are so many on my list already and Costco magazine just tempted me with another historical one that made me drool – The Paris Library (I think that’s the title but I will check at chapters). If I can’t share the book to a friend, then I donate them to the library.
    My biggy in April was of course my transplant anniversary – one year! Discovering channa samosa’s at my favorite Indian restaurant – new veggie favorite. Some wonderful bike rides, walks outside with she-who-must-be-obeyed and enjoyed the arrival of cherry blossoms and bees. Life is good. – David (PS- enjoyed the squishy hug, – made me smile.)

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