A- Z Challenge – Zooty

I did not know Zooty was a word! I like it!

It means: flashy in manner or style. Think zoot suit. (Duh, Lael) Which has a very interesting history itself! Go have a read. I fell into the worm hole for a bit myself.

http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/fsa.8b14443 by:John Ferrell

I think I’m going to start using Zooty in my regular every day.

I use Ginchy which is also outdated so why not!

I do this thing…where I take an old term that I LOVE, use it without irony and then wait and see if others around me pick it up and take it for a run…they usually do, heh. The secret is to act like it’s a normal every day word and drop it regularly into run of the mill sentences.

In recent years I’ve been successful with : “Rad” and “That’s my jam.”

And not so successful with : “Choice.”.

I like to do this with words in other languages too! But that’s more for my own educational purposes.

Let’s see where I get with Zooty!

I’ll keep you updated.

18 thoughts on “A- Z Challenge – Zooty

  1. That is one zooty post Lael. The zoot suit (typically worn by Afro-Americans) was at one time banned, due to the creation of race riots in the U.S. It was pretty hard not to stand out when you wore a zoot suit. Lets not even talk about the floy-floy. I did not know what this was but just looked it up. Yuchhh. Stay well, stay zooty, Lael. Allan

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