A – Z Challenge – Youth

I don’t know why our culture is so obsessed with youth.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the young. I’m not one of those people who’s always shaking their fist and raging “Kids these days!” I think today’s youth are smarter and kinder and more motivated than ever before. Young people and I get on great because I’m a kid at heart and because they really are MY people! I feel I have way more in common with the under 30 set than with my peers.

But would I trade in my wrinkles and loose parts to go back in time and be young again?

Not, and I can’t stress this enough, a chance in hell!

Back in the day, everything seemed to be a struggle. My brain hadn’t fully developed yet. I had no clue about anything and was in a constant state of confusion, angst and dread. We all know the teen years are rough but so are all the other years!

Why would anyone ever want to go back to that?!

I’ll take my hard earned lessons, peace of mind and my wrinkles gladly, thankyouverymuch.

Smooth skin and a tight ass mean nothing to me in comparison! I’ve earned these lines and grey hairs. And I’ve earned the peace, calm, wisdom and clarity that come with them.

Now to be fair and honest I must add an aside.

Just week last I uttered these words to myself as I was hobbling around the house after a long walk ” How the fuck, did it only take 20 years to age this much?!” Which was followed by this: ” Will I age as much in the next 20 too?!”

Ha Ha Ha!

So OK you youngsters, you can still keep your smooth skin and your tight asses but I wouldn’t mind some of your ease of movement 😛

11 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge – Youth

  1. As the saying goes, “Youth is Wasted on the Young”. When we are young, we do not appreciate what we have, but as we age, we long for less aches and pains, better skin and hair (or in my case, any hair). But, you are right, I am happy with where I am. I would not want to be growing up in this age. Stay well Lael. Allan

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  2. If only we could pick and choose eh? You did remind me of a song – Young at heart.♥

    Don’t you know that it’s worth
    Every treasure on earth to be young at heart
    For as rich as you are
    It’s much better by far to be young at heart

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  3. Oh, boy, I can identify with this! Though wouldn’t it be nice to relive the past – tight ass, wrinkle free, plus ease of movement – with the knowledge we have gained??? I think I’d love it…but it would seem LONG, too.

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