A-Z Challenge- Xyster

I did not know that a xyster is a surgical instrument used to scrape bones.

Gah! How? Why?

These are things I STILL don’t know. So frustrating! Surgeons? Can you fill me in?

The word Xyster brings to mind one of my favourite funeral practices: Sky Burials. IN Tibetan – བྱ་གཏོར་- and in Wyliebya gtor, lit. “bird-scattered” ( I just love that!)

Bodies of the dead are given to vultures to eat. When only the bones remain, they are ground up using a variety of tools, mixed with tsampa and fed to hawks and crows and other birds too, I’m sure.

There are variations of course, but that’s the general idea and I think it’s the coolest thing! I would love for my body to go to the birds like that. ❤

Maybe one day!

Xyster, for scraping bones. Hmm. Who knew?!

7 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge- Xyster

    • Oooh very interesting. I did not know that. I think Freddie Mercury was raised a Zoroastrian. Now I’ve got to know more about this faith!
      You’re right, Xyster is a total Dr. Seuss word. It doesn’t seem to match its importance and meaning.

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