A-Z Challenge – Worms.

I don’t know what worms feel like.

I know what I feel like when I come across them *shudder* .

If I see worms in large numbers I run away and cry in a panic so…yeah. Unless held down and forced to touch one, this is something I’ll always not know!

It started when this highly sensitive person pulled a handful of fake fishing worms out of her dad’s pocket -his attempt to stop me from stealing his gum as a two year old- and I’ve been perpetually icked out by them, ever since!

I wear gloves in the garden at all times. And when I see one, I cover it up with dirt or move it with my shovel. I like worms…like I like any small creature. I realize and appreciate their importance…it’s just…ew!

So, I imagine they feel something like the sticky gummy lips of an old dog with droopy jowls.

The Hubs says they are slimy. I’ll take his word on that, ha!

He’s the resident worm saver. I finally worked up the nerve to save one myself last year – I’m 46- using two very long sticks! I was SO proud! And I once called out a very grateful “thank you!” to a stranger on the street for saving a worm the size of a freaking snake, trapped on the sidewalk. I’d been crying and fighting my revulsion for 5 mins because I wanted to save it…I just couldn’t. Not even with gloves. So that stranger was a hero twice over! ❀ Those wiggly things might gross me out but I don’t wish them any harm.

They seem pretty friendly though:

Ha Ha!

Gross. πŸ˜‰

13 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – Worms.

    • They would not and I sure appreciate their hard work. I wish they’d avoid me at all costs. Like, EW! A Lael! heheh Although, I’ve seen a few already and been ok, kinda. I’m developing some coping skills, yay!
      YES! Slugs! Ugh. I once stepped on a large slug in Port Moody and it squished out and stuck to the back of my leg. I had to use a leaf to scrape it off. This was the same year a bird dropped chewed up worm bits on my head. Good times…

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  1. I save worms when it rains also, and I get some doozies. Who thinks selling fake worms is a money maker? My wife hates snakes – One of her brothers chased her with a snake when she was at an impressionable age. Ironically she saves spiders and puts them outside all the time. – β™₯

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    • Right?! How do they grow that big?! We have some here that make slurping noises when they duck into the ground. SO.Gross!
      Yikes, that would do it for me too, being chased by something as child. And yet your wife is still very sweet and kind to save spiders ❀

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  2. OMG that worm package! Who thinks up these things?! I used to feel about miller moths the way you do about worms. I don’t *like* moths but I don’t have a hysterical reaction anymore when I see them — just don’t trap me in a room with one! It’s so sweet you’re trying to save the worms without touching them.

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