A – Z Challenge – Verb.

I grew up thinking Love was a feeling. A magic feeling, with powers all of its own!

I thought Love conquered all.

I thought when you loved someone, that love would endure through the ages with no help from anything. Love would wipe away faults and problems and every other thing a person could imagine.

Once you had Love, you were set for life.

Yeah….the fall from that mistaken belief was a hard one!

Life got infinitely better for everyone in my life, when I realized what I did not know:

Love is a VERB.

8 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge – Verb.

  1. Love is actions, I hear the word bandied about so much that I think we need more words that mean love, don’t the eskimos have like six words for snow?
    I will never forget one of the many times I saw my wife’s love in action. I had peritonitis and they gave me large doses of demerol for the pain which caused me to slip in and out of consciousness. At the time we had a two year daughter at home but I woke many times during the middle of night and Susan was holding my hand, sitting in a chair by the hospital bed. I will never forget. Never.

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