A-Z Challenge- Sneeze

Before COVID 19 came to town a sneeze was just a sneeze.

Photo by Brandon Nickerson on Pexels.com

I’d “achoo!” and think nothing of it. Mostly my sneezes were a sign of allergies. I’m allergic to my cats. Snow mold. Pollen…blah blah blah. Lots of little irritants. So sneezing was just a normal part of my life.

Sometimes a sneeze could mean the start of a cold. So I’d up my elderberry syrup and wait for something to develop..or not..and continue on with my life.

I did not know that in the future a sneeze would come to mean so much more.

” Achoo!” Is this allergies or COVID 19?

“Achoo!” Is this a cold or COVID 19?

“Achoo!” Am I a carrier? I don’t have any symptoms…if I go out will I accidently kill someone?

“Achoo!” Should I order my groceries instead of going out to get them?

“Achoo!” Will this prove to be nothing and go away? Or will I die?

“Achoo!” Is this really just a sneeze?

I don’t know. Better play it safe and stay inside.

Photo by Cleyder Duque on Pexels.com

11 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge- Sneeze

  1. The worst is when I am in the grocery store shopping these days with my mask on. I really do not want to sneeze for so many reasons. And, did I mention, my sneezes are earth shattering. I can not ever sneeze quietly without feeling like my head is exploding. Cheers and suppress sneezing. Stay well Lael. Allan


  2. This is right on point! My daughter and I, traveling home through airports where everyone was justifiably afraid, joked that we should have had T-shirts made up, as we were so self-conscious of any little cough or sneeze. “Not Sick…Allergic” mine would say. Hers, unfortunately, would state “Smoker’s Cough.”


    • Thank you! I think it is…its come and gone 🙂

      OMG Elderberry syrup! It’s been clinically proven to protect, that’s the coolest thing about it. And it tastes good, like ice cream topping,lol. The stuff I buy is called Sambucol.

      I went from being sick once a month when I worked with kids, to being sick once a year. Every flu and cold season, I take 2 tbsp. a day, 1 tbsp. in the morning and evening for a boost. Then if I get sick, I up my dose to 4x a day and the ick I get is barely noticeable. Highly recommend.

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