A-Z Challenge – Remember

My husband swears up and down that he’s never been in a hot tub.

Don’tbe too surprised. This is the same man who’d never owned a pair of flip flops until his late 30s! (who knew walking in flip flops had a hilarious learning curve!?)

I distinctly remember being in a hot tub with him, our friends Ivan and Michelle. Michelle’s daughter Bianca and Ivan’s brother Chris!

We were at Canada Games pool in New West. And we used to go there quite a bit! Hubs wasn’t a swimmer but he often joined us poolside and I swear, I SWEAR IT, he came into the hot tub with us this one time.

What I don’t know is whether this was a reality or a dream I turned into reality!

Hubs says I was dreaming. I’m convinced it happened in real life.

As time marches on I’m starting to lose faith in my conviction. Knowing Hubs, the man I can rarely get into water of any kind, its highly unlikely he got into a hot tub full of people. Hot tubs full of people are in his words ” a gross stew of disgusting humans” It’s highly unlikely he got into shorts never mind water. Le sigh. I don’t know for sure but I think what I remember as real, really was a dream!

But this is a fight we’ve been having for 20 years! so I cant really give up on it now, can I? Ha! I’d never hear the end of it.

Shhh, don’t tell him!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

9 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – Remember

  1. I remember New West pool. Not my usual pool but I went there once and on a dare I flipped off the three metre board, the lifeguard said it was terrible but she gave me a thumbs up for having the guts ! I used to drive by New West pool on the way to see Baba, she lived at the end of kingsway into new west – man that was a long road. I even used to ride all the way along kingsway from East Vancouver where I lived near 4th and Renfrew. I went to Vancouver Tech.
    My mind is now racing with memories about pools – thanks!

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    • You are most welcome! WOW, you did a flip!? That’s impressive. That was one high diving board. I’ve jumped from it but it always scared the crap out of me and took a lot of courage.


  2. It is funny how unreliable memory can be although in this case who knows which memory is actually the wrong version of the story. Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast has a great two part episode on how bad our memory is. It was so interesting. PS – I love that there was a learning curve to wearing flip flops. That must have been fun to watch. Weekends In Maine

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    • Hehehe, it really was!
      I’m so glad in this case my memory wasn’t about something super important. I’ve read what Malcolm Gladwell has to say about memory and it changed my whole world!


  3. I believe memory isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I had just such an experience today, when I *swore* I turned 18 when Alice Cooper’s song “I’m 18” came out. Nope. I won’t tell your hub ’bout the tub. Maybe it was a Hot Tub Time Machine?

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    • Ha! Maybe.
      Yes! It’s so true. I’ve read a ton of books that show just how flawed our memory is. That’s so scary for the justice system and the like,ugh.
      Isn’t it awful how real it all seems to be?! I had a moment like your I’m 18 one when I found a photo I could have sworn had 3 dogs in it, instead of 2…


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