A-Z Challenge – Quintessential

I did not know that the word “Quintessential” was so witchy! Or that it has such an interesting history!

This is from Merriam-Webster:

” The philosophers and scientists of the ancient world and the middle ages believed that the world we inhabit was made entirely up of four elements : earth, air, fire and water. Aristotle added a fifth element, aether or ether, by which he meant the material that fills the rest of space, mostly invisible but sometimes taking the form of stars and planets. Many writers described the element as a kind of invisible light or fire. In the Middle Ages, it was referred to as quinta essentia (“fifth element”) . It isn’t surprising that the quinta essentia came to stand for anything so perfect that it seemed to surpass the limitations of earth. Today we generally use quintessential rather freely to describe just about anything that represents the best of its kind. “

Knowing this new to me information gives a whole new feeling to the word. We do tend to use it freely to describe any old thing we believe to be the best but there is so much more to it! Language matters. Words can contain magic. (science) This is just so cool!

I am one word smarter today 🙂

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