A-Z Challenge- Positivity

I heart gratitude a lot and while I’m not going to tell you to get yourself a gratitude practice stat! ( I hate toxic positivity) I am going to share a side effect of gratitude because it blew my mind.

I’ve always had a gratitude practice but lets be honest- it was half assed. I’d leave it til the end of my check in and either fall asleep by then or be distracted by something else. So half the time, it wasn’t even being done.

I changed my whole set up recently to really focus on gratitude first and that’s when I noticed I was becoming a cheerier ray of sunshine. And I was feeling good because of that!

Get the flu and have to stay home and on the couch? Oh well, at least I get to read books and watch movies all day. Might as well make the most of it!

Have some scary health problems that mimic cancer symptoms? Hmmm, if this turns out to be BAD and there is an afterlife, I’ve already got some good friends waiting for me.

Thoughts like this have become my norm! I am just not as bothered by stuff as I used to be. Don’t get me wrong, as a person with an active Sh*t List, I still have negative emotions but they don’t run my life as badly as they used to.

The thing of it was this: I’m not just thinking more positive thoughts, I’m really feeling them. They are palpable. An entity of their own with some very pleasing side effects.

I did not know this was even a thing!

12 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge- Positivity

  1. Good post Lael. In my career, I was always told I needed a more positive attitude, whenever I was unwilling to drink the work Kool-Aid. I always told them I did have a Positive Attitude. I was Positive that I had an Attitude. They did not like that answer that much. Oops. I did have gratitude though…for the end of the work day, the weekend, the pay cheque. LOL. Don’t get me wrong, I was a very positive person. It is just when someone tells me that liking a bad idea is positive that I dig my heels in. Even now, in the midst of this lock down, I see positive signs all around and there is still so much to be grateful for. Stay well. Allan

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  2. I’ve struggled with this issue. Years ago I wrote a blog about my “dark” gratitude process. Things like, “I’m glad I came home before I made a total fool of myself,” or “I’m grateful that at least there is five minutes of sunshine today.” My attitude was definitely poor. Now, having made gratitude a daily habit, I seem to watch more for things that bring me joy…so I find them! Great post, Lael!

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  3. I grinned ear to ear reading this because your writing style is so honest and warm. I loved the expression “half-assed” and it tells me about your light hearted personality. I suspect most of gain perspective and real appreciation for gratitude, and naturally really live the “don’t sweat the small stuff” way of life. Hugs, and best wishes – David

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  4. Some well-known person (forgot who) said Attitude is Everything and if you can not only shift it but feel it, and you like that feeling, then you’re setting new pathways for yourself. The seasons have a huge impact on my attitude, and sunlight — or not-sunlight — is the biggest factor of all.

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  5. Glad it’s working for you… Did you do a post on “Toxic Positivity”? I haven’t seen that term defined before, and that’s how I instinctively feel about any kind of “positive” thought…

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    • I don’t but it seems you know what it’s all about with your reaction 🙂
      It’s the idea that keeping positive and only positive, no matter what, is the only way, the best way to live your life. So help you if you feel sad or mad about something. Valid or not. YOU MUST STAY POSITIVE AT ALL TIMES!
      *groan. It can be pretty harmful.

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