A-Z Challenge- Narcolepsy.

I knew a girl, let’s call her Bobanda, who had narcolepsy. She was 15 years old and dating my 15 year old son. I didn’t know much about her condition only that she took medication for it and both the meds and her condition made her dopey and sleepy. I STILL don’t know much about narcolepsy but every time I hear the word, I cringe and grow angry.

Why? Well, I’m so glad you asked!

(Just play along!)

One evening whilst Bobanda was over at MY house, in a room that didn’t even have a DOOR on it, she and my son engaged in…ahem…mouth hugging. A lovely thing I’m sure if you’re a 15 year old boy but not a lovely thing to learn about as a mother of a 15 year old boy. Especially when you were checking on them every 5-10 minutes and finding nothing amiss!

I found out-eventually- and emailed her mum to give her the heads up. Out of resect. I was expecting nothing, I just wanted her to know the situation. Bobanda’s mother thought this was HI-larious and told me I was “over reacting”

I was not over reacting. I didn’t want to be a 35 year old grandmother! (Because this is how one becomes a 35 year old grandmother!)

One week later, I still wasn’t over reacting when I sent a taxi to get my asshole child from Bobanda’s house at an exorbitant cost. -She lived one hour out of town- He had lied to me about which friend he was spending the night with! The moron didn’t realize that since the whole blow job incident I had completely stopped trusting him and he had left me a nice little trail to follow. This time I found out right away, because I was already suspicious of every move the kid made.

I wasn’t over reacting when I screamed at him SO LOUDLY, over the phone( ” GET HOME NOOOOOW!” ) that the neighbours heard me, three doors down. Inside their own homes. I’m told I sounded like a bear growling.


I wasn’t over reacting when I told Bobanda’s piece of shit mother where to go and how to get there after I found out that she had encouraged a MFing sleepover AND coached him to lie to me about his whereabouts so he and her daughter could “be together” in her house.

Nope. Not over reacting at all.

I may be over reacting when I snarl every time I hear the word narcolepsy but really, I just don’t know. Nor do I care. I feel like this is an appropriate grudge to keep.

11 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge- Narcolepsy.

  1. Thank heavens my kids are adults now. I remember those years in the teens and it was stressful. What do you do? There was no local nunnery to send my beautiful daughter too, and I would have liked to. I think you know your own son, and personally I like, love, the idea of a mother bear who protects her cubs.

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    • They really are! And you never really know what to do or how to act…I’m so thankful my daughter was 10x less of a handful. Bless her sweet heart for that. Those teen years…yikes!
      🙂 That’s me, Mama Bear. A lot of the time I questioned myself but right or wrong I felt better doing something rather than nothing.

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