A-Z Challenge- Music

I did not know how bloody energising and distracting music was until I tried to write a post with it playing in the background! I give up!

I’m currently listening to a playlist on Spotify called- *Guilty Pleasures- and it’s GREAT! I’m bopping around in my seat BUT wow, is it ever hard to get my brain to focus. I thought music was supposed to be good for that? LIES! Maybe I need to play something more soothing…

Here is a small selection of the songs stealing my attention:

I pretty much love all music, even some Country which I despise as a genre/lifestyle/culture. It all just depends on my mood. I’m boppy today. Who knows what I’ll be tomorrow! I do have a special love for the harder stuff though, which is hilarious given how I present myself in this world…you just never know about people πŸ˜‰ It’s all part of my dorky disguise.

How about you! What do you love? Is there a genre that doesn’t “match” how you present yourself? What music soothes or energises YOU!?

* I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. Unless you know, MURDER or something of that ilk is one of yours. Don’t do that shit. Otherwise, love the things you love with wild abandon and ZERO guilt. ❀

22 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge- Music

  1. Distraction can be a good thing and music can certainly do that. I tend to listen to the Spa on Stingray Music if I need to concentrate. Kinda like good elevator music. When I was working, I would listen to Talk Radio and found this revved me up too much and only increased my stress, so started listening to CKUA and was able to be more Zen. Now the music in my life tends to be in my workout and tai chi sessions or as a sound track in my photo/video travel productions. Amazing how badly these three turn out if you choose the wrong music. Keep on hoppin’ and boppin, Lael. Allan

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  2. I love music with lyrics that I can understand despite my hearing aids. I love a nice beat, and the lyrics are important to me as I don’t want to listen to violence or swearing when I am relaxing. Fortunately there is still lots of music to enjoy after you eliminate that lot. Music choice depends if you are listening, singing along, want it as background and so on.
    I enjoy also like fun songs https://youtu.be/6WnW24zEkqg

    This week I am well along in learning the clapping for the cup song and memorizing the song as well – need someone to do it with me!

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  3. It is difficult for me to have music on and write also. I did do a year of a coloring-with-music every day and it was freegin awesome! I have very eclectic taste in music but do have my favorites. Music is life!

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