A- Z Challenge -Ladylike.

I don’t know what happened to the last person who told me to be more “lady like” but he never suggested it again. I do hope where ever he is, he’s enjoying this moment in history- women and men rising up so strongly against patriarchy- because if there ever was a person who could learn a lesson or nine hundred, it’d be him.

The guy was a total caveman with questionable ethics, preying on vulnerable young mums and messing with their lives and their heads.

My story goes like this:

I’d burped, and excused myself whilst enjoying a beverage at a local establishment. I dont even know why he was there with us. He was part of our friend group but he was on the outskirts and merely tolerated by most. ANYway he piped up with his nonsense. ” You should really be more ladylike!”

Before he was able to continue on with what was obviously a well rehearsed lecture, I cut him off ” You should really shut the f*ck up” before flying across the room at him like a missile.

I was a bold young lady but I rarely chose conflict willingly. This time though, I was MAD and I got right into his face, drilled my eyes straight into his and took my voice down to a cold and furious whisper.

The man got himself an education that day and even though I highly doubt much of what I said sunk into his thick skull, my manner sure left a lasting impression. But better still, my actions had a lasting impression on ME. I took that small victory into my heart and carried it with me. A small ember to fire me up when needed.

Sadly, 27 years later I need it! We all need it with this crap in the world. 9 out of 10 people found to be bias against women.

Oh and Andy? Is this ladylike enough for you?

16 thoughts on “A- Z Challenge -Ladylike.

  1. The guy must have led a sheltered life, if he thought that belching and saying excuse me was not ladylike. Men belch and do not excuse themselves. Ergo, you were ladylike. Now, if you had burped the alphabet…..Stay well Lael. Allan

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  2. I thought that stat at the end had to be bullshit — until I read the article. And yeah, sadly it probably is 9/10… I also have to agree that clearing away the “small” beliefs like burning is not for girls is one of the necessary steps to change the big ideas.

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    • Yep! I knew it in my heart because of my experiences but was still surprised by that stat too. Yes! And those small beliefs are insidious and many. Hard not to feel hopeless but I do think we are making some headway in some places. Or maybe that’s just my fondest wish.


  3. When I hear stories like this, of standing up to patriarchy I cheer. ::::::CHEER::::: What is best is when there are witnesses, not only to you standing up but of them sitting the f*** down. Women standing up for themselves is good. Men need to correct other men when they hear that BS also.

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  4. What a wonderful story of standing up for yourself! I expect he will think twice next time, and so he should.
    I am all for equality, but I still like holding the door for sweet wife, and those other gestures For her that make me happy.

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