A-Z Challenge – Jelly

Growing up, jelly was never a thing in my house.

We had lots of commercially canned jam. That super sweet, full of seeds cheap crap you can find on the very bottom of the grocery shelf but no jelly.

I’d heard about it of course but wasn’t introduced to the stuff until I met my Hubs and we moved in together.

Like the good little knocked up girlfriend I was, I’d ever so helpfully make him some sandwiches to take for lunch. PB&J were on the menu most every day because that’s what we could afford and I always tried to make them extra good for my man!

I’d slather on the peanut butter real thick. Both sides. Then I’d scoop out the jelly and plop it in big glops over the entire surface of the peanut butter.

It wasn’t too long- one or two sandwiches I’m sure- that Hubs had to step in and give me a lesson in jelly spreading.

Apparently, one does not plop down big globs of the stuff, here, there and everywhere. Apparently, one puts a few globs of jelly on the bread, cuts the jelly with a knife, using a gentle motion and then spreads it out over the bread.

Oooooooh. I get it! I didn’t know.

Poor guy! Can you imagine what those first sandwiches were like? Ha!

12 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – Jelly

  1. Mom used to make jams and jellies. Sometimes, the jellies were so thick, they would barely come out of the jars, a hazard of home canning. So, on our school sandwiches, you never knew what each mouthful would bring. Still love PB & J sandwiches to this day. Cheers Lael. Allan

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  2. He survived it! I sent my kids with pnut butter and banana or pnut butter and apple sandwiches every day, along with a baggie of baby carrots, a fruit roll-up and a juice box. They still eat pnut but I think both have an abiding hatred of baby carrots. And they survived too!

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  3. Love this. I make my own (mostly) jam, with a few kinds of jelly. Some times they’re so thick you can cut them, sometimes they’re so loose you can pour them.

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