A-Z Challenge- Individual

When my daughter was around eight years old she painted her eyes with purple sharpie and said ” Look Mum! I’m Goth”

It was freaking adorable and we laughed and laughed.

When she hit 13 I gave in and let her start wearing make up. I encouraged light colours AND a light hand but before long, out came the heavy black liner, mascara and lipstick. It wasn’t long before the hair was dyed to match and hey what do ya know! My kid really was a Goth. (well Emo at this point)

She flipped back and forth between being Emo and being a Scene Kid and it was really cute to see her playing around with herself and belonging to something. It gave her lots of joy and was fun for me too.

I was proud of her for being herself, an individual. It takes courage to dress like that. To withstand other people’s judgements- there was TONS! We were homeschoolers. In conservative Alberta. – She stood out! And she kept at it, in spite of some real nastiness.

What I didn’t know, was that this girl would teach me how to be myself too. Bravely and boldly ❤

“It’s not a phase Mum!!”

Looks like it might have been a phase 😉

All photos property of/courtesy of my daughter, used with full permission ❤

10 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge- Individual

  1. Glad you encouraged her to be herself. Our kids were not that innovative, but definitely went through some phases. Long hair (did that), hoodies, black clothes (for me, it was orange tie dyed jeans), etc. We all try to become what our parents are not before realizing they are our role models. Thanks for sharing and stay well Lael. Allan

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