A-Z Challenge -Habit

Until COVID 19 came to town/Canada/North America I did not know I even had this particular bad habit:

Touching my face!

Why do I do this so much!? Is it a nervous tic? Do I love the feel of skin? Do I want to transfer germs into my body? DO I?

GAH! I’m even doing it right now!

Some scientists think we do it to regulate our emotions. Or catch other people’s unique scents. (SO weird of us!) Other think it has to do with a need for food-as in a feeding instinct.

Whatever the reason, I have got to break this habit. I do it a lot! How about you?

Artist unknown.

14 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge -Habit

  1. Love the art. Some people need one. Nope but as a nurse it drives me crazy that so many people with CoVid 19 put their hands on their face and in their mouth right after they have touched surfaces in public.
    One of my kiddos (years ago) contracted a very bad case of swine flu years ago because she was always touching her face.
    Sit on your hands if need be

    The Letter H

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  2. Yup. I am told I do it all the time and that is why I get sick and then infect others. Hmmmm. In any case, Patty got sick first last time, so my touching my face did not mater. She did not pass it on, so inherently, I guess she is better than me. Yup, touch my face all the time. Maybe just checking to see if I am still there…………Allan

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