A-Z Challenge- Glow

I did not know anything much about fireflies until I moved to Alberta, almost ten years ago.

I’d heard about them, and knew they’d be cool to watch but seeing them IN REAL LIFE was amazing. I didn’t know I’d love them so much! It’s one of my all time favourite memories.

I watched them glow their little glowy butts over a grassy field on a camping trip near Vermilion. It felt other worldly. They look like fairies! Maybe they are? Fairies disguised as bugs. How do we truly know? 😉

Here is a short but sweet video of fireflies and their glow butts ❤

I kinda wish I had a glowy butt. Or maybe laser eyes…tough choice.

23 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge- Glow

  1. Have not seen fireflies for a long time. Used to see them every summer night when I lived in Manitoba. Not sure about the glowy butt thing, though. Flying would be a good superpower. Stay well Lael. Allan

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  2. It wasn’t until last year that I found out there are people in the world who have never seen fireflies. It was mind-blowing because I had always assumed that they are a common insect. I mean I grew up catching and playing around them as a child. Some of my fondest childhood memories were playing outside with only the fireflies lighting our way. My mom would turn off every light and the street lights didn’t illuminate every part of our backyard. So we would sit out there and tell ghost stories. Really a terrible thing to do lol. My mom was way to good at ghost stories. She had me afraid of chickens for a good year or so at one point XD But yea I never thought to think if other people had seen them or not. Even as an adult.

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