A-Z Challenge – Expectations

Nothing shows a person what they don’t know than their expectations over their reality.

This can be shocking and hurtful in the beginning but as time marches on and you experience more of these little failures, sometimes they can be quite hilarious. Even some of my not so funny ones, bring a wry smile to my face. I tend to laugh at awful things, it’s how I stay alive πŸ˜‰

Let’s play the funny/not funny game of expectation and reality!

1. Expectation: Homeschooling my kids will keep them away from drugs. Reality: One child will develop an addiction, straight out of grade 12. Like he waited until he was out of school, of age and out of my house before trying anything and then he really tried it.

2. Expectation: Homeschooling my kids will prevent a lice infestation. Reality: We’ve had lice too many times to count! They’d get them from public events, school kids they played with, family members in other households…le sigh!

3. Expectation: I’ve been married for over 25 years. We must be doing something right. Nothing can go wrong now! Reality: Haaa Haaaa Haaaa Haaa Haaa! And that’s all I have to say about THAT!

4. As long as I’m active and train smart, I can keep working out and maintain my strength and fitness level until I’m in my 60s. Reality: I will suffer a complete tear to my shoulder doing an over head lift with a mere 35lbs. Not only that, it will impair my ability to lift said mere 35lbs ever again. And, AND, And ; I will also suffer a nasty chronic case of bursitis on both effing hips from over use that will slow me down forever more AND dictate how far, fast and long I go. At the age of 45!

Look at all these things I thought I knew but clearly did not!

How about you? Have any expectation versus reality stories to share? Please do!

This is what it all boils down to for me now:

I’m trying! I’m sure trying.

14 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – Expectations

  1. Good one Lael. We all live in a world of expectations, but, if you never expect (dream), you never achieve. In Grade 11, expected to become an architect, took drafting courses and by Grade 12, lowered my expectations to an architectural draftsman, got crushed by Canada Manpower when I got out of school, ended up working for a bank, which I hated, finally got into architectural drafting, realized it was a dead end job, got encouraged by my supervisor to apply for a facilities management job with a different bank and voila, my 2 offset paths became one and I worked the next 37.5 years for them, ending up looking after all of Western Canada. Did I ever expect this outcome? Nope. But now I look back on my path, it seems it was inevitable. I expect we will get past this current pandemic some day. I do not know how, but I expect it will happen. Stay well. Allan

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  2. Ah, expectations vs reality!
    I can totally relate, this year I began a new blog, to take my posts outside of the craft room more, and of course the current situation just goes to show, that plans are sometimes simply that!

    I definitely think life is for living, lower expectations and enjoy the little things!!

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  3. Life has been a series of expectations and disappointments. As an idealist in a flawed world (or maybe idealism is the flaw?) it took me to the other end of the spectrum, where there are no expectations. True, there are no disappointments; but at the same time there is no anything. It’s sort of blah. There is peace in the happy medium, but a trip to the extremes once in awhile is good. I like what your other commenter, kagould said: “We all live in a world of expectations, but, if you never expect (dream), you never achieve.” One big disappointment I had was when I expected love would be a remedy and a recipe in a relationship that was too mismatched. Ironically this person was someone I chose from a trip to the “extreme.” Am I sorry it happened? No, but the disappointment still aches.

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  4. We can have expectations as long as they include: expect change, expect disappointment, expect the unexpected, expect surprise,….always be flexible with your expectations.
    It’s when we are resolute, dogged, uncompromising, stubborn, etc. that we suffer.

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  5. Expectations and comparisons – we can’t help them but perhaps they prevent complacency. I have always said you can only coast downhill. I like that you do this as an exercise and then set it aside. I believe you are the kind of person who mainly walks on the sunny side of the street in life.

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