A-Z Challenge – DOGS

I did not know that somewhere along the line, I would switch from liking dogs but being more of a cat person to becoming a total dog person.

(With great apologies to every cat I’ve ever known)

Now, I like ALL animals. But there is just something about dogs that appeal to me more and more as I grow older. They DO stuff for you. They serve a purpose. They alert you to things and if you’re lucky, they protect you.

*Special shout out and to all attack cats who do this very thing. If we could breed cats for protection, I’d be all over that!

The older I get, the more I appreciate that. I don’t want to become one of those seniors you read about in the news; alone, vulnerable and murdered in their own homes by a desperate, drugged out person. That scares me! And yet here I am, getting older by the second, living in a city where that sort of thing happens more than it ever should! It makes one think about these things…

I know having a dog doesn’t guarantee such an horrid fate wont befall me but let me tell you this : I have never felt so safe or tough as when I owned my Rotti X!

Beans was bombproof around everyday people, friends, family and other animals. She was FIERCE and protective without fail when my life was in danger, twice.

AND, people’s prejudices towards her breed kept the garden variety criminals out of my yard and away from me before they even thought to try something. Most of her work was done from afar, with a single glance based simply on her appearance.

So now, instead of phasing out my pets and maybe getting a cat when I hit those super vulnerable years…I think I’m going to get a dog instead!

15 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – DOGS

  1. Our time in Vancouver gave us an appreciation for dogs, but also taught us how much work and responsibility is involved with having a dog in the house. In these times, I am sure the dogs are all wondering what is going on, less walks, if any and their masters home all day. They know things are different. Stay well friend. Allan

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  2. Dogs also promote exercise 7 days a week and three times a day!
    I am tempted to get a dog for my elderly father if he moves here. We could share Dog ownership with him, as you say dogs are more work than cats but that’s not a bad thing.
    I like most animals, and have owned a dog, cats, and a precious bunny. Only the dog would promote a sense of safety Lol

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  3. I feel this on a deep level. I AM a cat person through and through. I have always preferred cats over dogs buuuut that has started to change as I have aged. I think a part of it has to do with my daughter. Cats are comforting. They usually aren’t as playful as dogs. Not to say that they can’t but you are more likely to have a cat who just likes to chill in the sun instead of going outside to chase a stick. I still love cats. I love all animals as you stated. I feel the same though. Dogs are a bit more work in their requirements of their humans. It makes a person feel as though they are needed instead of merely tolerated lol.

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  4. I have two cats, but I’ve had several dogs in the past (not right to have a dog when nobody’s home all day, but maybe one day!)
    I love the enthusiasm and love that seems to be singular in dogs!
    And your Rotti is adorable!

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    • Awe, thanks! She the BEST girl.
      You’re so right! Love and enthusiasm really is singular in dogs.
      I’ve got 2 cats too. 15 and 12. They are mostly boring at this point,lol, but they still bring me comfort and joy.


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