A-Z Challenge: BRAGGING

Awhile ago there was a TV commercial for a popular chain coffee shop here in my country. It yammers on about who the company is there for including ” The group of retirees who sit and brag about their grandkids”

The first time we heard this, my Hubs whips his head over to me and laughs with a very pointed look on his face.

“What!? I’m not a retiree and I don’t brag!”

He scoffed at me ” You do SO brag!” and he starts imitating me , high voice and everything ” Oh! He’s so smart and he’s so cute!” I interrupt this nonsense with my own scoff ” Well he is! That’s a plain old fact! How is that bragging? I’m just sharing my delight with people. That’s NOT bragging!”

“Honey” my man says with a smirk I still want to wipe off his face “that’s bragging”

So there you have it. APPARENTLY, I’m a braggart. Who knew?

For the record I dispute this. Bragging by definition is ” excessively proud and boastful talk about one’s achievements or possessions” I didn’t create my grandbabies. I don’t own them. They are amazing beings all on their own.

Why wouldn’t a person be proud of their grandkid’s good qualities? Isn’t that kind of the point!?

If you have Grands, please keep “bragging” about them. I’m certainly not going to stop talking about mine! ❤

15 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: BRAGGING

  1. I think there is a fine line on the braggart tag. If you brag about yourself and your exploits, you are a braggart. If you brag about others, you are a cheerleader. Keep on being a cheerleader Lael. Allan

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  2. They are adorable! You’re right…not bragging! I ‘brag’ on my niece and nephew all the time, but it’s not really bragging. I just love them so much and think they’re the coolest people ever! 🙂

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