A – Z Challenge – Addiction

I did not know how predominately addiction would figure in my life! As a parent, I did all things I thought I was supposed to do to prevent it and it still slipped in.

That was a shock, let me tell you. As it entered my family, it opened up a whole other world. Suddenly, addiction was right in my face and I learned just how rampant it is in our society.

It’s estimated in Canada that 6 million people will experience addiction at one point or another in their lifetime. That’s near 21 % of the population!

Yikes. It’s thought that every single person knows someone who has struggled or is struggling with an addiction, at any given time.

My family situation is now stable and I’m cautiously optimistic but, two other family members are struggling and 3 of my friend’s kids are too. That’s 5, in my circle. 5!

This all sounds so dire, doesn’t it? Believe me, it felt that way.

Yet it wasn’t entirely bad.

A beautiful show of love and support came out of my experience.

People I knew, people I thought I knew, people I didn’t know, came to me with their stories, love, advice and assistance.

In time, the fierce and freely given love I received exceeded the pain I felt.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still mad about it, ha ha. I’m still wary. Yet there is goodness there.

Which is something else I did not know.

14 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge – Addiction

  1. Good post, Lael. None of us fully understands the addictive personality and we always wonder why they can’t just stop. We are blessed not to be addicted. I know at least 5 people in my circle who are addicted, not always to drink or drugs. Some are addicted to narcissism, vindictiveness and deceit. In truth, I suppose we all are all addicted to something. Those of us who “seem” normal are just addicted to something perceived as less harmful. Stay well, my friend. Allan

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  2. Lael, I think addictions permeate our society (didn’t realize Canada had that much of a problem) and it isn’t just with mind-altering substances. It’s such a complex thing and is each person has their own unique set of circumstances, regardless of the addictive substance/activity. You highlight what unifies all of us, whether the addict or the loved ones affected by the addiction, and I thank you for that ❤

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  3. What an important subject to raise, I think addiction touches us all, whether personally or through friends and family, and it is only through being open, and discussing it, means that getting help becomes normalised, whatever the situation!
    Good luck with the A-Z!

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