Best of March 2020

Oh March. Get out of here!

Still I thank you for so many things. Like:

The best read:

Dinner. A Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach

This was the first book I read out of my seven “books to get me through the apocalypse” stash and it was great! Recipes and relatable stories. Wisdom…juicy tidbits. A good read.

Speaking of stashes. Grandchild number two likes to stash food in in his pjs! In the Best Laugh category I bring you:

Toddler cookie stash!

Best visitor:

My first spider friend!! It was a little skittish of me, the weirdo with the camera- so my shot isn’t that good but still…LOOK! A cute little spider! The first one of Spring. (written while under a snowfall warning, heh)

Nicest Treat:

Our grocery store bakery was handing out treats, no charge, to people as they shopped. How lovely is that?! Hubs and I enjoyed a Turtle Brownie and a Chocolate Peanut Butter one. Yum. Made my day!

Best People:

Photo by Pixabay on

Most everyone! I have witnessed the best of humanity these days. Over and over again. From perfect strangers, to close friends and better still , people I thought didn’t care one wit. It has blown me away. Who would have thought living through a bloody pandemic would restore my faith in us humans? Go Us!

I’m excited for April. One month closer to warmer weather. One month closer to the end of this latest batch of global suffering. One month closer to…who knows how many good things! ❀

What are some of your bests this month?

Tomorrow is the start of Blogging through A-Z Challenge. I’m looking forward to life being swept up in all the fun!

Love and distant squishy hugs!

6 thoughts on “Best of March 2020

  1. Gotta look for the bests, for sure. Bests for me included getting to see my kids before things got crazy, getting back from Vancouver safely, the great pizza in Valemount, a walk on Jasper’s Pyramid bench, being able to get what I need to survive, except TP and strangely enough, the continued snowfall which allows me to get outside in the fresh air for exercise (but Mother Nature can stop this nonsense any time, now). Stay well Lael. Allan

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    • Oh I’m so glad the snowfall was positive for you! Its funny, when it fell I thought of you and was inspired to go out and take photos. I didn’t end up doing so but it was a positive thought that made me less grumpy about things!

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