Monday Ramble-Tigers, Friends, That Bloody Virus, Comfort & Hope.

Oh Monday! I like Mondays every week but this one is especially welcome for I’ve been trying to race away from Friday as fast as I can. I got the worst news- which I’m unable to even process never mind share- and each day that takes me away from Friday is a slightly better one indeed.

I’m also still a little stunned by something I spent hours binge watching on Netflix:

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. This was my face when the whole thing was done – 😳😧😳 – I want to say watch it but I also want to say don’t watch it. It was …. yeah. It was. An important note about one of the folks in the show. Saff was mis gendered as She. Saff goes by He. So please keep that in mind, if you do end up watching. It took my mind off my bad news but left me with a whole new sense of horror and the need for a long, hot shower.

I’ve got five library books left! Eeek! I don’t know how long our library will be closed so they are like precious jewels. Most books are anyway.

Ha Ha!
Don’t fall for this one!
Indeed! COOTIES!

I don’t know who this belongs t0 -if you do, please educate me- I find it oddly comforting:

I’m losing and finding all sorts of things these days…

Something else that brings me comfort is this: Every day as the chaos of the world rages on, the sun still rises. The birds still sing. The clouds still move across the sky. Someday soon the snow will EFF OFF, the trees will bud, the bees will buzz and all will be well once again.

What are you feeling hopeful about?

10 thoughts on “Monday Ramble-Tigers, Friends, That Bloody Virus, Comfort & Hope.

  1. I also binge-watched The Tiger King with my jaw almost permanently dropped. I, too, noticed that Saff was sometimes misgendered, but not by the documentary producers or the narrator. As far as I remember, he was misgendered by people being interviewed.

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  2. The Tiger series I watched a bit with my son and stopped, I felt like I was rubbernecking on a highway crash!
    I am hopeful in a ton of ways – so many people are getting sick but recovering! A lot of communities and neighbours are supporting one another. The best lessons are often learned from mistakes – mistakes have been made this time – but the lessons I think won’t be forgotten, and even better, won’t be repeated.

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    • That’s how I felt too! And yet I couldn’t stop. I sat there in wide eyed horror.

      I think so too. We’re learning lots. All of us. And we’re really pulling together ❀


  3. I am hopeful about all the communicating that is happening in our isolation house and in isolation houses around the world. We are finally using social media for truly meaningful communication. Stay well Lael. Allan

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