March 2020 Sh*t List

If there ever was a month for a shit list, it’s been this one. As of yesterday, my province has had 67 new cases of COVID 19, bringing our total to 486. Country wide, we’re at 4043 at the time of this writing, and 500,000 + the world over. These are just confirmed cases too. We’re not testing everyone so the real numbers are much, much higher. AND the horrifying thing is that its still early days for my country. We haven’t even seen the half of it.

Even with current events, my list is still pretty short. Actually scratch that, ha! In the writing of said list, I seem to have gone off a bit. Prepare yourself! Venting is a great stress relief and it seems I be stressin πŸ˜†

Happy Friday! And Happy Shit-Listing!

1. All circumstances that have led to a world wide pandemic.

2. My bread machine for living 11+ years and then choosing to die now.

3. The Epcor guy who left my latched gate completely wide open. Fucker.

4. People hoarding food and other supplies to sell at jacked up prices.

5. The grocery stores who allowed this ^to go on for WEEKS before doing anything about it and then had the nerve, the NERVE to blame ordinary shoppers for panic buying. Fuck you.

6. Anybody who is not taking this virus seriously and mocks those who are.

7. People who are scamming the government out of relief money. You will get caught, and I will laugh with joy and glee when you do.

8. A certain president of a neighbouring country. I don’t have enough brain cells to adequately describe my feelings concerning that one. Neighbours? I’m with you. ❀ I see you. ❀ I don’t know how to help you but I wish I did. ❀ And it all hurts my heart.

9. Winter. Please! For the love of all good things – GO AWAY!

10. The magpies for chasing away a pair of returning crows. You live here and benefit from me, 365 days a year. The least you can do is share your tree so I can make some new crow friends! There are enough peanuts to go around.

Alright. Now that that nonsense is out of my head I’m going for a nice walk- 2 metres away from everything! πŸ™‚

Your turn. Who or what is on your March Shit List?

13 thoughts on “March 2020 Sh*t List

  1. I think you captured it all. I’m not with you on the crows, though. Any bird that chases away a crow is a friend of mine. We get so many out here, that I wake up to the 5:30 crow in the summer. Summer, what is that and will we be able to get outside by then. Hmmmm. Stay well Lael. Allan

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      • I think my crows chased away my magpies, kinda the reverse of your situation. Can’t wait for the local Merlin falcons to return and chase away the noisy birds, to give the song birds a chance. Spring is just a rumour. What is with this snow and cold?

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      • Ooooh I wish I had Merlins! I see them occasionally but usually the little birds chase them off,lol
        Oh man, it really feels like the weather gods are punishing us! March is not being kind at all. We’ve got another foot of snow. Boooo!

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  2. Hahaha
    What a list Lael. You covered it all, but in India it’s a complete lockdown and there are a few idiots who call it cool to loiter around on empty streets, drive like maniacs and make fun of others. What they don’t realise is that this might actually spike the number of cases.

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    • Ugh! Those people! That’s so maddening. May they feel the full consequences of their actions unto only themselves. We’re not under full lock down yet but it’s moving towards that. Our PM keeps mentioning the military…scary!


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