Everyone Should Keep A List (#7)

of all the little things they love!

1. My good health.

2. Shamrock Shakes and Surprise Fries from the Hubs.

3. This Boy and his silly sense of style:

4. The ability to deadlift. Get out of here sciatica!

5. Mangos! Especially scraping the flesh off the pit with my teeth!

6. This old cat.

7. My 13 year old Kenmore washing machine that is-touch wood-still going strong. Even after sitting outside, with water in it for 3 years.

8. This baby:

9. My peace, calm, wisdom and clarity:

10. Leftovers the next day!

How about you? Tell me all about the little things you love!

6 thoughts on “Everyone Should Keep A List (#7)

  1. Friends, family, my kids fur babies, a sunny day, walks in the forest, on the beach or anywhere outside, getting my rental car in 2 hours and driving the 13 hours home, good health to all and some different news for a while. Stay well my friend. Allan

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  2. I am grateful also And enjoyed your photos and writing. As I sit here reading I look down at my feet. I am wearing the blue and white knitted slippers my Mom made me. Every day I slip them on as the floor is cool. Mom was like that, always loving me even from afar. I will miss her always. My eyes are dripping tears but it’s ok.

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