Monday Ramble and COVID 19.

COVID 19. Isn’t this a thing? People are acting like it’s end of days. Oh my, the panic. And it’s the panic that’s causing the problems at the moment. The risk in Alberta is still low. The province is taking aggressive measures to flatten the curve which is pretty smart, knowing what we know about these things!

Are you sick yet? So far so good on this end. I had the Grands last week and they didn’t give me the ick. Check out this link, if you’re in ALberta, are feeling ill and need more information.

My only concerns at this moment are the huge amounts of misinformation out there and mass panic. Otherwise, it’s all good in my neighbourhood at the moment.

How are toilet paper stocks in your world? ( Pro tip, install a bum gun and you won’t need TP!)

Ours were still ok at the store last week at but a person can’t find hand sanitizer anywhere. That’s OK. I have soap. Which is what a person should be using first ANYWAY. The hand sanitizer is only good 3 times and then you still need to wash your hands. Still, it’d be nice to have right at the front door or when one is out and about.

Not that I go anywhere, ha! To the library and the grocery store most weeks. That’s Winter for ya! I am a fair weather human πŸ˜‰ My home range is small as it is anyway!

This is what the TP and bleach wipes sections looked like this week:

Fucking hoarders…I get that people are scared. These are scary times. This is a scary thing. But you only need enough stuff to last you TWO weeks. Not two years. People are getting into fights over toilet paper. There is even a separate line at Costco to deal with the crowds….I’m trying to be sympathetic to people because fear and panic are real things and they don’t feel good but come on.

Other things were starting to be cleaned out too. Things like rice, cans of beans, macaroni and cheese…I saw a dude with a cart full of milk! Yes, milk! His cart was overflowing with 4 litre jugs….ggrr. The guy in line behind him was giving him the gears about it -nicely- but still…I hope he felt embarrassed. Mums are even starting to worry about things like baby formula and medicine…not cool. Every single person at the check outs had some sort of cleaning product too, lol. I managed to grab a bottle of bleach. One, because I’m not an asshole and there was hardly anything left of THAT either.

Hubs says if things get REALLY bad the hoarders will be the first to go when people find them out anyhow, so there’s some small, spiteful comfort in that, ha!

How are you all doing? Has your health authority taken any preventative measures? How are you all feeling about this?

I find it all endlessly fascinating. We’re watching this thing unfold in real time and I feel like I’m in the middle of this huge social experiment.

There is still lots of good out there in the world too. Don’t forget about that. People are still singing in Italy.

Clean and sterile hugs and kisses to you. And remember:

10 thoughts on “Monday Ramble and COVID 19.

  1. I heard libraries are closing in Calgary, so if yours is open, maybe stock up? I already have a few plus I have some other projects I need to work on plus a bookshelf of some books I could reread.
    I agree with the frustration with the people taking way too much tp and other things. No need for it at all and it is plain ignorant. My frustration talking.
    BTW I think we need a emoji for touching elbows like the curlers do to prevent infections, or maybe we can stand on one foot back to back and tap ankles. LOL

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    • I went on Saturday! Right before they closed them all indefinitely! Phew. I’ve got 7 books. I’m rationing them out by the week, lol, depending on the number of pages. This week I can read 43 pages a day, ha! I’m so glad you’ve got stuff to keep yourself busy too!
      That’s a great idea! I didn’t know curlers did the elbows thing. I like it! The hubs and I have developed a COVID 19 greeting/goodbye that involves elbows, tapping ankles AND a belly bump,lol. We wreck it with a kiss but still…:p


  2. In Vancouver now, where there are more cases and all is calm. I am hearing the stories of idiots buying 30 cases of toilet paper in Alberta and wondering if they really think they are going to shit themselves to death. Apparently diarrhea is not a symptom of COVID 19. We were supposed to get home by train next week, but the trains are cancelled. There is no way I am going to an airport, just imagine the ick factor on those security bins. Rented a car and driving home through the mountains in spring. Fingers crossed for good roads. Stay well Lael. Allan

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    • I really hope the idiots do shit themselves to death. My son in law’s 89 year old grandma cant find toilet paper. Grrrr.
      I’m glad you’re in the land of calm! You are smart to drive home. Those airports would be a germ nightmare. That’s going to be a beautiful drive! I’ve got my fingers for your good roads too! Thanks Friend, and to you too ❀

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  3. Agreed. People need to get a grip and think of others. They are closing everything here right now, so we had to check with Avis to be sure they will still be open tomorrow. Will only relax once I have the car keys in my hand and we are on the road. Allan

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  4. 2 days, 1,200 km, 2 provinces, two teen burgers and onion rings with root beer, one excellent bad for you pizza and a bottle of cheap Merlot and we arrived home this aft about 5:30. Spent the last hour and a half sanitizing everything we brought into the house and needed soon and will spend the same tomorrow doing the rest. Glad to be home to our La-Z-Boys and our own bed. Stay well, my friend. Allan

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