Simple Pleasures – Bacon IN Eggs.

The Hubs fried up half a pound of bacon the other day and very kindly left me my share πŸ™‚

Now that’s love folks!

I was most tempted to eat the strips as a snack before breakfast, ha, but ended up making one of my favourite dishes.

It’s a simple, silly little thing but it has my heart because it’s tied to a memory of a special person and a special place.

My grandpa used to make this every time we visited the home he shared with my grandma on Gabriola Island.

Grandpa would chop up raw bacon, real tiny and add it to just started scrambled eggs. The bacon would release all its fat and cook along with the eggs. But barely. Just enough to be safe to eat πŸ™‚ By the time it was all done you had a beautiful mess of soft eggs with little dots of bacon all the way through. YUM!

My mother said he made it that way so as to stretch the bacon out to feed so many people but to me, it was a dish of culinary perfection!

The quick and dirty version is too ❀

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