The Best Of February 2020

Best Book – I read 12 books this month and the best one out of the bunch was:

Mambo in Chinatown by Jean Kwok. It was just so sweet and wholesome without shying away from some tough topics. A nice read overall. ❤

Best YouTube ChannelDr. Tracey Marks. Real insight and advice from a doctor. If you have a mental illness or know someone who does this is a great channel for inspiration, comfort and education. Dr. Marks talks about all sorts of things besides mental health stuff too. Basically her channel is about living your best life! There is something here for everyone.

Best TV ShowThe Circle.

It’s on Netflix and it’s so bad its good. The whole dealio with the show is these people are holed up in separate apartments, living out the game on The Circle social media platform. It’s one big popularity contest until the unlucky person of the week gets BLOCKED! Ha Ha Ha! Nobody meets in real life, (except for the blocked person who gets to meet one person before they leave! Which is like everybody’s worst nightmare! Can you imagine if the people you’ve blocked on the interweb came over to your house?! EEEK! ) ANYway, everything is done through social media and it’s just so wonderfully weird and…strangely heartwarming…and eye roll inducing! It’s great fun to watch. Think a mix of Big Brother and Catfish.

Best Cupcake:

Hubs bought Carolyn and I cupcakes to celebrate her birthday in the other realm and they were excellent! He was so sweet to think of us that way and I was worried that I’d eat one and have to toss the rest because they were too sweet-being from the grocery store and all- BUT they were delicious! Not too sweet at all and moist and fresh. So thanks Save on Foods for a great cupcake!

Sweetest Moment– Me and Hubs on the couch. It’s 9pm. I’ve got a three week old infant against my chest and a sleeping two year old cuddled up against me. I sat there, heart close to bursting at all the good in my life. Wrapped up in two little humans and my partner of 28 years. Rich. I am rich I tell ya. ❤

Nicest Surprise – I woke up craving a Sausage and Egg McMuffin one morning. Hubs had to go in to work on a Saturday and I was hoping that he’s pick up my vibe and bring me one! Sure I could ask him to bring me one but I didn’t know how long he’d be and I didn’t want to be disappointed by his answer, ha, so I kept my mouth shut and sent him telepathic messages….which he GOT because he rolled in the door an hour later with my beloved sandwich, a hash brown and the best cup of coffee I’ve had in a long time! YAAAY!

Best Evening Out– We were treated to dinner and a hockey game by one of the companies my Hubs deals with. Usually, we’re just given tickets and we go off on our own but this time dinner reservations were made – Bucco Pizzeria– for four, myself and Hubs, the salesman and his wife and we enjoyed a fun dinner with them. I was worried it’d be awkward but my warm and goofy ways melted the ice pretty quick. We shared a lot of the same interests and these folks were decent humans. Then we went over the arena and sat in our excellent seats to watch the game with them. We were completely taken care of and catered to and it was just a fun and lovely time!

Best Lesson Learned – A person can have more than one purpose in life.

For some reason I’d gotten it into my head that I had to find the ONE THING that was my purpose. I’d do that and then…it would change and I would absolutely HATE myself because I thought I was a flaky human being. So with this thinking in mind, I’ve spent 35 years hating myself every time my purpose changed and evolved alongside an every changing, ever evolving life. Yikes! Enough of THAT nonsense – My current purpose of the moment- My Grands.

Best Chocolate:

I got these in my Yum Box and they.are.incredible! If you like things like marzipan or Amaretto you’ll love these! Smooth and full of flavour. A decadent sweet treat ❤

Best Ted Talk:

Rita Wilson poses a great question and gives us a lot to think about!

Oh gosh there are so many good things I could add to this post but it has gone on long enough! Now its your turn: What are your February highlights?!

4 thoughts on “The Best Of February 2020

  1. So many best ! Who was playing in the hockey game? I know there were many great moments in February, some of them were biking and walking with my son, one hike with son at skaha bluffs park and it’s not even open yet! Good news on cancer, next appointment in a year, kidney transplant doing even better than last checkup!

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    • Awe, YAY! Your body is doing a great job of keeping you alive. That makes me happy!
      The new park sounds awesome. We used to swim at Sasamat Lake before it became White Pine Beach, that gave us a giggle too.
      Ummm…it was…San Jose and Edmonton playing. Edmonton lost, after blowing a 2 goal lead. But its fun to listen to the fans in the stands get angry about the whole thing…OH! And the cops had to drag out a San Jose fan for starting a fight, just a few rows below us! That was entertaining. Ha.

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  2. February highlights. A visit from sister and brother from New Brunswick, I walk on top of Sunshine (yup, no skis, just feet—I did not know you could do that in the winter—watch for the posts), a hike in Johnston Canyon, playing Tock, fondue and gluwhein, Yellow Tail bubbly, getting my interior painting done, good coffee, snow shovelling (wait, how did that get in there) and walks with my beloved. Happy Friday Lael. Congrats on the new grand. Allan

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