February Sh*T List

Every month I get the negative nonsense out of my head by compiling a Shit List. It’s great fun!

February has been pretty mild. Until I walked 5 mins after the fact into the middle of an unsecured crime scene/police SHOOTING, complete with cops walking around in a daze, ha.

Me to Cop One ” Uhhh, is it safe for me to be walking around the neighbourhood right now?”

Cop One ” No”

Alrighty then.

Here is my Shit List!

1. The Asshat who slipped a religious pamphlet into the box of yogurt I brought home from the grocery store. It’s bad enough religious assaults are inescapable in the day to day -especially in this province- but do you really have to molest me with your nonsense in the grocery store? Do you? And do you really think THAT is going to be THE THING that converts me ? It’s not. Here is a piece of advice from me to you: Stop wasting your time trying to “save” me and spend that time living your life as a shining example of love, respect and acceptance for all. Trust me, this will have a far greater impact on the world than your fire and brimstone bullshit ever will.

2. The cold temperatures!

I can handle the snow. I can even handle the ice because it means the temps are warm (ish) and things are moving towards the big melt. What I am DAMN tired of is the cold. Minus eleventy something degrees Celsius ? I’ve had enough of you! Get out of here. It’s warmed up slightly now but I know how this works…and I’m ever wary. Go away! The Spring sky doesn’t match the snow or the cold and its messing with my head.

3. Myself, for not realizing that if read down too far on the wiki page of a certain show I watch I may come across spoilers! Boooo!

4. Meth. Meth is the one of the reasons for the major crime surge in my neighbourhood. Last week, I walked into the aftermath of a police shooting! This was after the second violent car jacking of the day in my neighbourhood, to be followed by the whirlybird/dog take down of another car thief. All within a 3 mile radius. Then! Then! Then! The very next day, two kids got shanked at the mall 5 km away. My trauma injury is having a time. I am ready to GO OFF.

And there you have it! Not too bad for a whole month! I mean, the violence is bad enough for the month but if you take that out…this was a great month!

How about you? Who or what is on your Shit List?

5 thoughts on “February Sh*T List

  1. Wow, that is quite the list. I would add the people who steal catalytic converters to the list. My type of car is one of the targets so I’m a bit paranoid about it right now, especially since there have been such thefts within three blocks of my house. I contacted the dealership to see if I could get a gizmo to prevent its theft but I haven’t heard back from them yet.

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    • Oh boo! That’s a worry! They are expensive to replace! The Food Bank had theirs ripped off 3 times in 6 months. I’m surprised our truck hasn’t been hit yet.

      With the warmer weather its only going to all get worse too. The thing that scares me the most are b&e s and personal robberies. I’m seriously considering a trained guard dog.

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  2. hang on, good weather ahead and the days are getting longer. Keep enjoying hot chocolate! Even in my small city we have had some surprising crime, but it is still a safer place than many. Sadly not as safe and crime free as I imagined though. You be safe, and careful and cautious!

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    • LOL, I do believe I shall. Today is a great day for a chocolatey cup ❤
      It's true, we're safer than a lot of places. And depending on all sorts of things, even safer than others in our own cities. Thank you Friend, I absolutely will ❤ There is going to be a large mean looking dog in my future 😉


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