Love to Love!- Marriage Meme

How we met- He was a regular at the restaurant I worked at. I never got his order right because he always asked for onion rings instead of fries and specified “no tomato”. Who does that!? We still argue about that to this day, heh.

First date – We met up at the local skeevey bar and I was the aggressor. He was on my “list” and I was checking him off.

Age difference – One year, nine months and twenty one days. I’m the younger.

Funniest – We both have our moments. I could not live a life without laughter.

Loudest – Generally…me. But Hubs has the “Dad voice” that I just don’t have.

Most stubborn – We’re pretty even in this regard…thankfully, ha ha.

Falls asleep first – Me, because I go to bed at old lady time. Hubs, if we go to bed together… unfortunately… because then he snores and I have to listen to it!

Cooks better – Moi! But Hubs pays more attention to the fine details when he cooks so his food is prettier.

Most social – Meeeeeee! Not that I’m overly social. Hubs is pretty anti- social. Not that I blame him. I’m getting there.

Better morning person – Moi! I wake up early, even when I don’t have to. I cannot stand laying about in bed.

Best driver – Hubs. He is a professional after all…

Best dancer – Me but I’m not a dancer. Unless copious amounts of alcohol are consumed.

Best singer – Meeeeee. I’ve lost a tone in my left ear now though so that may not hold true!

His secret talent – Attention to fine detail. Persevering with fiddley projects that I’d have given up on long before.

My secret talent – Able to defuse tense situations intuitively/easily with humour and/or empathy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Play along in the comments, if you are so inclined! ❤

9 thoughts on “Love to Love!- Marriage Meme

  1. Good exercise Lael and Happy Valentines Day.
    We actually met at the office where I worked. Her parents were the custodians and she often dropped by to see them. From then on I had my eye on her. F
    First date was the office Christmas party at the Mayfield Golf and Country Club. She did not come with me, I was too busy working 12 hour days then to have a social life. Her Dad arranged the date for the dance when he saw I was on my own. How odd is that? After the introduction and the first date, he spent the next 18 months trying to dissuade me from asking her to marry me.
    Age difference, 2 years, 20 days. I am the old fart
    Funniest – a tie
    Loudest – Her. Did I say that out loud?
    Stubborn – Both
    Fall asleep first – we take turns
    Cook – she is better, but I am best baker, coffee maker and BBQer
    Social – her
    Morning person – me. I can’t sleep in past 5:30
    Driver – her, but if you want to get there on time, I’m your guy
    Dancer – her
    Singer – her
    Her secret talent – empathy
    My secret talent – problem solving and dealing with the finnickety stuff
    Years together 44
    Years married 42.5
    Have a great weekend Lael. Allan

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  2. I’ll play, what the heck?
    I met Cathy on June 28, 1985. She was friends with one of my roommates until I came home that evening. Then she became the girl I was going to marry. It took about a week to convince her and my roomie, Doug, probably still has his doubts.
    Age difference: 2years, 3 months, 4 days
    Loudest: Her, unless I really need to be heard.
    Stubborn: Her. Don’t try to convince me otherwise.
    Sleep first: Her, by hours
    Best cook: Me
    Social: Neither. We make one another do it.
    Morning: Me. I can go a long way on a little sleep.
    Driver: Her
    Dancer: Her, but it’s close
    Singer: Me
    Her secret talent: Playing the ukulele. She just bought one so,, maybe…
    My secret talent: Shakespearean actor. I read it out loud when there’s nobody home.
    Together 34 years.
    Married 33 years.
    Well, this was fun. Thanks.

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