Love to Love! Neighbours in Winter.

I live in between two pretty decent sets of neighbours.


If you read my neighbour post last year for the A-Z Challenge you’d know this is a truly rare gift.

What makes these people great?

We all seem well matched in temperament, personality styles, communication and what it means to be respectful.

This is magic enough but in the Winter time something extra, extra happens:

Photo by Tobias Bjørkli on

By some unspoken agreement, we seem to have decided that whoever gets out there first, shovels the sidewalks. Sometimes its me or the Hubs, sometimes its the young couple, sometimes its the family next door.

Not a Winter day has gone by without one of us, shoveling the other walks along with our own.

No thanks are spoken, no mention is made. It’s our actions that are speaking loud and clear ❤

I just love that!

2 thoughts on “Love to Love! Neighbours in Winter.

  1. Good neighbours make life easier. Since I fell going to the mailbox along my neighbour’s long sidewalk, I automatically shovel it when I shovel mine. This way, I tend to stay on my feet and it also is cheaper than a gym membership. As to the other neighbours, we shuttle each other back and forth to the airport, when we travel, look after each other’s house and shovel walks and drives, mow lawns, etc. as necessary. Sometimes we gather at A & W for breakfast, share a bottle of wine on the back deck and sometimes, we party at New Year. Good neighbours/great friends. Cheers Lael. Allan

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  2. Unless you have had horrible neighbours, you might not realize what a huge blessing Good neighbours are. I have had bad neighbours once and it was stressful. For a long time I have enjoyed wonderful neighbours, and I appreciate them.

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