Love to LOVE! This Girl.

Since it’s February and everyone is going on about love. And since I’m a rebel and since I believe there is more to life/love than romantic love. And since I believe other kinds of love are even superior to romantic love, I bring you:

Love to Love, my theme for the month, where I’ll be sharing some of my loves, with gratitude and appreciation and of course, encouraging you to do the same.

It’s basically my “keep a little list” stretched out over a month!

I figure if I’m going to be assaulted by red hearts and roses everywhere in turn, I’m going to assault right back with my better version.


This is my 20 something year old daughter who in her own right is a damn fine human being. She’s loving and sensitive and kind. She’s always fiercely loyal and fiercely brave, once standing up for her older brother to an adult when she was 5 years old.

This girl taught me about love and kindness. Seriously. I learned it first through her. She is generous of spirit and I feel blessed to know her. I cant believe she’s my girl! It astounds me daily.

I’m thinking about her today because this kid recently paid me the highest compliment, two actually. 1. She says I can homeschool her kids if I want. (Guess I didn’t screw THAT up too badly, ha ha) 2. She’s offered me up to her friend in need for a Mum talk, because her friend needs a Mum right now and doesn’t have access to hers and I’m ” really good at those loving, supportive talks “

Melt my heart!

Of course I’m flattered and heartened by her words but more than that, she always seems to know exactly what a person needs and then she gives them that. I’m not an Angel person but if I were, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that this girl is a real life one.

I don’t know where she got it from. It seems to have come up through her from somewhere. I think it must be magic.

Did you know that next week it’s Random Act of Kindness Day on February 17th? So fun! Click here for ideas and more info.

Now, how about you! Who first taught you about kindness?

Love and Squishy Hugs!

6 thoughts on “Love to LOVE! This Girl.

  1. Hi Lael. It is always good when your kids pay you the compliment of seeking your help or advice. We learned early on to simply let our adult children know we were there if they needed us and tried hard not to offer unsolicited advice. As to who first taught me about kindness, it would have to be my Mom (now gone these last 46 years. She was always helping, loving, hugging, kissing booboos and encouraging. She left this mortal coil far too soon. Happy Feb. Allan

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  2. I too‘d have to say my mom, with lots of reinforcement via aunts and grandparents on both sides of the family 💕 Lovely, story to share with us, Leal! Your daughter does sound true to the heart; but I’m guessing her source material is closer than you realize 😊

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      • It was, and is, with the pool growing larger from the younger side of me now, lol! The 6 year old (7 very soon!) asked me how people knew what to eat “long ago” and I said that was a very good question, and the answer had to do with the fact that, early on, he was right, people didn’t know what was good to eat, and there was little choice sometimes, but to try it, and sometimes people gave their lives so other people would know that was not good food, and it was that, our passing on our cumulative wisdom, that’s brought to where we are today 💕

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