Best of January-2020

I wanted to call this The Hit List, as a companion to The Shit List because it rhymes buuuut I don’t know…Hit List makes me think of other things and I try to keep my brain out of those bad neighbourhoods, ha ha!

I was doing this last year but I fell out of the practice. Here I am again, ever optimistic.

Best of January:

Well number one, this adorable piece of my DNA:

Olivia Angel-Lael. (!!) She was 6lbs 14oz and hardly gave her Mum any trouble at all. Of course I saw her hours after she was born- I had her brother for safe keeping and we all trooped in for a visit right away – and I got to snuggle her again over the weekend. It’s hard to get a sense of who a newborn is but thus far she is very chill and doesn’t seem to mind her tornado two year old brother, as he bounces around all over her. OV loves her and often pauses his very important toddler business to stop and give her pets on the hands, tickles on the tummy and kisses on the head.

I’ve read 9 books this month, am at 7% of my reading goal, and this was the best one out of the bunch:

Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout. Number two in a series…I think…there is one before this one -Olive Kitteridge- its up to the author if there will be a third- ANYWAY, it’s a great story about one woman seem from many different angles along with a few other intertwining storylines and its just so damn human. A good read that inspired me to go easy on myself and others.

Best catalyst: The FLU.

I know, crazy right?! The flu brought with it a gift. It forced me to listen to my body and take time to just be. To do nothing. I didn’t want to be a miserable lump of ick the whole time and in order to do that, I just had to accept that I was ill, unable to do much and just sit with what I had. Be that books, tv, YouTube, or my sick ass self. It allowed me to do these things without guilt or shame and even though I was NOT having a time, it wasn’t all that awful. I was grateful for what I did have! I enjoyed doing nothing. I enjoyed the rest. I enjoyed the simplicity of it all. Not only that, it peaked my curiosity and I went on to learn everything I could about the subject and came away with a real appreciation for… well…everything! Finally, and maybe most importantly I didn’t experience any of that 900 days of January nonsense. The month flew by for me, woot woot!

Best purchase:

I drank a lot of tea this month – It was National Tea Drinking Month too!- and when my cheap kettle crapped out , I simply went back to the way I’d done it for 25 years before-boiled water on the stove in a pot- but I missed my kettle, even if it was crappy so when London Drugs had a sale, I treated myself to this. It’s glass. Yay! No more plastic leaching, ha ha. And isn’t that light so pretty?! I feel so indulgent, lol I’m still blowing my nose with toilet paper though. What is wrong with me?!

Best Game: June’s Journey

June’s Journey is a hidden objects game that takes you through stories as you move through each level or scene. It’s a fun little time waster that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve wasted time! Plus, it’s good for your brain and it’s full of stupid tropes you can laugh at.

Best Ted Talk:


How was YOUR January? What would be on your Best Of list?

10 thoughts on “Best of January-2020

  1. Great list Lael and great you are over that nasty flu. As to my January, not much going on, but my best list would be
    1) Best news – company is coming in Feb and we will visit the mountains
    2) Best trip plan – to Vancouver by plane in March and back by train (Coronavirus permitting)
    3) Best walks – in the snow in our city and in Edmonton
    4) Best weather – anything other than the 6 day deep freeze
    5) Best cooking project – 22 pounds of lasagne
    6) Best baking project – my Levain keeps getting better and better
    7) Best way to pass the afternoon – a great home made cappuccino and a photo project
    8) Best health news – going for my physical 7 days after the Christmas season and being told you have lost two kilos – Thanks you food poisoning.
    Bring on February.

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    • Oh wow this is a great list! Thanks so much for playing along!
      I mean food poisoning isnt cool but not going into the new year with extra padding to worry about is a nice perk.
      My bread turned out amaaazing! I’m happy for your awesome Levain πŸ™‚

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      • Happy to oblige. Yeah, I think I will give the food poisoning a miss in 2021. Excellent on the Levain. I have another big feed going on right now. Baking day is Thursday. All the best. Allan

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  2. I just noticed a missed several of your posts. 1) CONGRATS on Baby Olivia!!!!!! I can’t think of any more joyous event than a baby’s birth, fresh and new in the world, surrounded by those who love her. 2) I really like Elizabeth Strout’s writing. I’ve read some of her other books (Olive Kitteridge, The Burgess Boys, My Name is Lucy Barton, and I *think* I may have read Anything is Possible but not sure.) Some of the characters cross over from book to book but they are separate stories. 3) Tell me more about that hot water making machine!!!!

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    • Thank you! She’s a darling girl. She’s alien like, lol, in the best way. Her eyes are wise and bottomless.
      OOoh, thanks for mentioning those other books by Elizabeth Stout! I’ll have to read them too!
      Haahaahaa, you sound like me. I love it! The hot water making machine is like a Zen lava lamp that bubbles furiously once it really gets going-so maybe not so Zen- but it’s so pretty. And it works pretty good. It was only 39.99. Which is probably not that pricey in your dollars!

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